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Thread: Boxing Year in Review-June 2012

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    Boxing Year in Review-June 2012

    Well, Manny won that one, the vast majority of us thought as the judges’ scores were tallied following the Manny Pacquiao-Tim Bradley clash June 8 in Las Vegas. Not so fast, said CJ Roth and Duane Ford, who scored it for Bradley. "I don’t think we’re blind, I think that is a terrible, bogus decision," HBO’s Jim Lampley said. "I’m dumbfounded," Manny Steward said.

    Stats backed the "Manny won" case; CompuBox had Pacquiao outlanding Bardley, 253-159, but maybe they liked Bradley’s volume. He threw 839 punches to Manny’s 751.
    Typicals howls of fix and calls for investigations followed. Nothing came of it, of course. Bradley is still waiting for the rematch clause in his contract to kick in; his deal called for a sequel on November 10 if he won. Controversy in boxing...we’re not dumbfounded.

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    Re: Boxing Year in Review-June 2012

    What a fudged up decision was this bout. The Cali Cranium Crusher got his arse handed to him. But the haters and bigots that be wanted to give him a Christmas gift in June.

    Poor, poor Bradley! In 2013, he will be waterlooed and robbed. He will have a whole career shift, just because intensed hatred of Da Manny by Sin City creeps and cheats got the desert mirage champion a crooked, crooked decisioned gift. Holla!

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