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Thread: Boxing Year in Review-March 2012

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    Boxing Year in Review-March 2012

    Erik Morales’ legacy lost a tiny bit of luster (and more of the shine would be smudged later in the year) when he couldn’t make weight and lost his junior welter belt on the scales the day before his bout with Danny Garcia in Houston. "It wasn’t worth the sacrifice at this point for the last couple of pounds," the Mexican told Dan Rafael. "It would hurt me. No point." Besides behaving like a professional, yeah, I guess no point...Garcia, age 24, beat the 35-year-old Morales via UD the next night, and Morales admitted age caught up with him. That wouldn’t stop him from pursuing a rematch with the fresh face from Philly.
    Stubbornness, a good thing on the way up. Not so much in the late innings of a fight life...

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    Re: Boxing Year in Review-March 2012

    But he didn't punk out of. He manned up, and went out on his shield. A true warrior and a first ballot HOFer. Holla!

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