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Thread: Boxing Year in Review-February 2012

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    Boxing Year in Review-February 2012

    Nonito Donaire (pictured right) kicked off his damned fine year with a decision win over Wilfredo Vazquez Jr. (on left), claiming a junior feather crown and earning the first of four Ws.
    This scrap was notable for another reason; we were chagrined to add another name to our Bad Judges (Black)List, as we just weren’t able to ponder how Ruben Garcia, presumably not having been dosed with psilocybin by some merry prankster pre-fight, saw Vazquez a 115-112 winner. But as any long suffering fight fan, we saw the bright light, and said, At least they gave it to the right guy...

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    Re: Boxing Year in Review-February 2012

    Wow! Crooked judges are screwing up te game. They have no shame. Holla!

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