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Thread: Boxing Year in Review-May 2012

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    Boxing Year in Review-May 2012

    Another name pugilist got caught in the rabbit hole, when Andre Berto’s urine raised a red flag. On May 18, word came out that the Floridian used the banned steroid norandrestone ahead of his June 23 rematch with Victor Ortiz. They’d been slated to tangle Feb. 11, but Berto tore a bicep in training. Golden Boy immediately searched for a replacement and tapped Josesito Lopez to test Ortiz. Most figured Lopez would be a lower hurdle for Ortiz to leap but the kid never got the memo.
    Days later, Golden Boy also announced a replacement foe for Khan, post Peterson. Danny Garcia, they said, would get the gig. It was a good year for substitutes....Berto protested that his positive came as a result of his being contaminated, and said that the amount found in his sample was so minute as to indicate contamination. The cynics (realists?) wondered what supplement or tainted meat triggered the positive and when Berto would get to sleuthing, find it, get it tested to prove concretely his innocence, and share his findings with the press.

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    Re: Boxing Year in Review-May 2012

    The correct, honest testing by VADA raised that red flag. Testing by corrupted commissions would not have done so. This is why the corrupted Cali commission didn'recognize VADA's findings of Berto's juicing, injecting and rubbing of roids and PEDs. Money before honor for seedy bitnezz of boksing. Holla!

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