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Thread: Nonito Donaire Chats With TSS

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    Nonito Donaire Chats With TSS

    TSS caught up with junior featherweight champion Nonito Donaire this week in Houston.
    Donaire discussed fighting Jorge Arce in Houston, PED testing and his plan for 2013. "I don’t see Arce winning this fight at all," he said, noting that we all saw how the sport serves up surprises last Saturday.
    Check out Kelsey McCarson’s chat with the Filipino Flash.

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    Re: Nonito Donaire Chats With TSS

    Arce is on dat syet too. But watch how the "Filipino Flash" tag that arse. Angel Heredia -- ole d@mn demonyo -- won't get a Pinoy two weeks in a roll. In this Texas quickdraw match of clean versus roids-and-PEDs mean, JunJun is gonna crush Jorge like a jelly bean. Holla!

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