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Thread: Pacquiao vs. Marquez One More Time Is A Definite Must See

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    Pacquiao vs. Marquez One More Time Is A Definite Must See

    Pacquiao vs. Marquez, for the fourth time, is must see tonight. Yes, there are a few fights out there in professional boxing that are must see and tonight one of them takes place between two certified greats and legends, Manny Pacquiao and Juan Manuel Marquez. Make no mistake about it, these two fighters are great, they’ve fought every top fighter of their era more than once and they bring it every night.
    The Ring record book says that the soon-to-be 34 year-old Pacquiao has come out on top, barely, in two of the three meetings between them and one was scored a draw. So officially, Pacquiao is up 2-0-1. The problem is and it’s great for boxing fans, the 39 year-old Marquez doesn’t believe in his heart that he’s lost once to Pacquiao.
    The series between Pacquiao and Marquez will surely go down as one of the all time great rivalries in fistic history, alongside Ali-Frazier, Zale-Graziano, Duran-DeJesus and Tunney-Greb. The problem for Marquez is that as great as he’s fought during the 36 rounds he’s been in the ring with Pacquiao, other than money he doesn’t have anything to show for his gallant effort. That’s why tonight’s fight is huge for Marquez and his legacy.
    Marquez knows that if he can somehow defeat Pacquiao tonight in a non-controversial fashion, fans and historians will revisit their previous three fights and look at them differently. I suspect because all three fights were so close, especially the first two, that the sentiment will shift to Marquez and the thought will be that he did in fact get the better of Pacquiao, as opposed to how most see it today, viewing Pacquiao as the one who holds the upper hand. A win by Marquez changes his entire legacy whereas another close loss doesn’t affect it at all, because as of this time Pacquiao is wildly viewed as holding the nod.
    If you think about how great these two fighters are and how their careers have almost mirrored each other it’s mind boggling. Pacquiao has fought 60 times as a pro and Marquez has fought 61 times as a pro and they both have notched 54 victories. Pacquiao has lost four times and Marquez has six times. However, if you flip the two losses Marquez suffered against Pacquiao, which isn’t a reach by any means, then it is Manny with six losses and Marquez with four. And remember, Marquez has already fought Mayweather and Pacquiao hasn’t. What if that were reversed? The way I see it Pacquiao would have another loss on his record if he faced Mayweather like Marquez has.
    Professional boxing isn’t littered with great fighters the way it once was. And although it’s starting to happen more than it has, the best fighters for some reason usually don’t face each other that often -- which is something that cannot be said about Pacquiao and Marquez. The fights between them have been tremendous to watch from a technical skill vantage- point, they’ve been action packed and there’s been some memorable exchanges during the scraps and they all took place during a time when both fighters were relevant, as is the case today. And best of all there hasn’t been much to choose between them...and it’s not a reach to say that both could be seen as being win-less or undefeated in the series.
    Boxing fans should relish that tonight they get to see these two legends and all-time greats in the ring together once again in another match where the stakes couldn’t be higher. If you’re a big boxing fan and relish seeing world class fighters face each other with contrasting styles, Pacquiao-Marquez one more time is must see.
    For the record, I believe the first two bouts could’ve been scored for either fighter and that the only definitive victory in the series was scored by Marquez in their last fight. An official win by Marquez tonight will change how history views his career and his legacy will surely escalate even though it’s unfair that he needs the "official" win to get the recognition he deserves.
    On the other hand if Pacquiao emerges victorious they’ll never fight again and the showdown with Mayweather will remain the most anticipated fight boxing can deliver in 2013. I say forget about a fight that’s three years overdue. Relish Pacquiao and Marquez willingly going at it again tonight in what will no doubt be a terrific fight regardless of who wins.
    Pacquiao and Marquez are real fighters and they always deliver. Enjoy these two fighters while you still have the opportunity to because neither of them will be around much longer, and it just may be the end of the road for the loser.
    Frank Lotierzo can be contacted at GlovedFist@Gmail.com

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    Re: Pacquiao vs. Marquez One More Time Is A Definite Must See

    tho they were good fights, ali frazier, duran dejesus they were not my friend .. forgettabout it !

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    Re: Pacquiao vs. Marquez One More Time Is A Definite Must See

    Haters are so anxious for a Marquez's victory by crook that right up to the bell, they are filibustering for the judges to "get it right" and award Marquez a Bradley decision -- I mean bad decision. "Only in America!"

    Don't buy the optical illusion that the Sin City stanks have pulled. The judges are on the cheat, and they too want Da Manny beat. A united fellowship has been formed. They are hoping to rob Da Manny with a Bluecoat, a Graycoat and a Redcoat. OMFG! Holla!

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    Re: Pacquiao vs. Marquez One More Time Is A Definite Must See

    this is a replay of fight no. 3...manny is the aggressive one... jmm is waiting for manny's punches so he could counter punch effectively...nacho wont allow jmm to go toe to toe with manny...it's a risk for trying...same result as the 3rd fight my prediction..

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    Re: Pacquiao vs. Marquez One More Time Is A Definite Must See

    Amazing that Marquez has been so competitive this late in his career... there is no logical explanation other than pure desire and determination. Marquez's body appeared to be highly toned. not bulky but defined. If Marquez had a chest like Bradley then I would say he would not benefit by adding useless bulk.

    In this case he looks toned...shredded,.. not top heavy.

    If Marquez is able to keep Paq at the end of his punchers his chances are good.
    they Say Paq has foregone the usual prefight extracurricular training with Ariza to focus on Speed, reflex's and boxing technique.
    This means you can never count Paq out of a KO.

    I believe something totally different will happen tonight.
    There a unique set of dynamics for change.

    If Paq can't get him by the 7th round... I think Marquez will finish strong if he hasn't slipped too much.
    Above all, there will be a clear and decisive winner tonight... I would like to see Marquez get the nod.. just on the strength of his super obsessive efforts to prove himself(and being cheated on the last fight like Paq was).
    But I wouldn't be disappointed if Paq wins. as I have no real favorite between the 2.

    Can't say I'm very excited about this fight... but it's here and it's the best fight on TV this weekend.

    Can't wait to see what Gamboa has left since he's been on the shelf collecting dust so long. I hope he's made the necessary preparations.

    For some reason I thought Javier Fortuna was on the card, but I see he doesn't fight until a month or 2 from now...

    Go MarqueZ!!!!!! enjoy the fight yawl!!!

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    Re: Pacquiao vs. Marquez One More Time Is A Definite Must See

    i dont see how people complain about this fight... pac is fighting the guy who has been most competitive with him and more competitive last fight than others about a year ago.

    pac continues to take challenges, he clearly beat bradley, no one wants to see that again even if three morons got it wrong...

    i see another competitive fight, these two are just made that way.....

    pac vs rios next will be exciting for two rounds as pac near decapitates him mosley/margacheato style....

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