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Thread: Near Brawl at Judah-Garcia Presser in NYC Today

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    Re: Near Brawl at Judah-Garcia Presser in NYC Today

    I agree with you Radam (shocking I know), Zab does not have strong mental make up. The brash trash talking boricua probably got under the black hebrew's skin. I can see a similar outcome like Khan. But one never knows. And damn those are cheap tickets.

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    Re: Near Brawl at Judah-Garcia Presser in NYC Today

    Quote Originally Posted by ali View Post
    I disagree Garcia is a B level fighter. Remember he was losing to Khan before he clipped him, he had a close fight with a old Morales (first fight) he also had a close fight with Kendall Holt who is a C+ fighter. There are a lot of good fighters at 140 Gracia is going to be exposed real soon and it might start with Zab Feb. 9

    *he was losing to Khan becuz Khan was looking like a madman.. Khan looked fantastic... BUT, Garcia was getting to Khan. I mentioned to my wife 20 seconds befor it happened,"Garcia's gunna catch Khan"... Morales looks and has been looking good..don't be that guy who says"he's old" becuz of age... call it like it is..Morales has been a tuff fight for anyone ...and Garcia rolled right thru him... Morales head looked like it came off..possibly the hardest punch thown in a title fight this year.

    Kendall who? i'm talking about NOW... Garcia is a young fighter learning with each fight..and has become a serious, solid, king of the 140 pound weight div... bring on Bronner. When Garcia disposes of Zab with ease...GARCIA is a name u'll remember .

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    Re: Near Brawl at Judah-Garcia Presser in NYC Today

    Wow! Bigstinkyblood -- I mean bigstinkybug -- WTF! Keyboard tapping in red looks like you beat the cyberspace fudge outta somebody, and decided to send a message that you are one bad-@ss cat by posting with his blood. Danggit! You got me scared. Hehehe! Holla!

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