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Thread: Cotto and Son Meet 'Melo

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    Cotto and Son Meet 'Melo

    Miguel Cotto and his son Miguel Angel Cotto III recently stopped by MSG to catch the NY Knicks take on the Detroit Pistons. Prior to tip-off the two met with NY Knick star Carmelo Anthony. Cotto steps into the ring against Austin Trout on Saturday, Dec. 1 for the WBA Super Welterweight Title from the Mecca of Boxing, Madison Square Garden.

    Photo by Dave Saffran/MSG Photo

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    Re: Cotto and Son Meet 'Melo

    that greedy melo ruined the knicks,got the coach fired and the lakers just got him,got jeremy lin traded because he couldnt hog the spotlight. greedy melo should be traded right away and go do his wifes bs reality show. melo the worst thing that happened to the knicks.knicks will win nada with melo

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    Re: Cotto and Son Meet 'Melo

    Cotto already met him last year before the margacheato rematch. Melo's got almost a foot on him lol, cotto would have easy access to that body though

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