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Thread: Rapper 50 Licensed To Promote in NY, Nevada

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    Rapper 50 Licensed To Promote in NY, Nevada

    November 16, 2012
    (NEW YORK, N.Y.)— Music superstar and business entrepreneur, Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson today announced the launch of his latest business venture, SMS Promotions, a boxing promotions company which was recently granted promoters license by the Nevada State Athletic Commission. Jackson was approved for a license in New York earlier this year.
    SMS Promotions has already acquired four top fighters in the industry including former featherweight title holder Yuriorkis Gamboa, super middle weight contender Andre Dirrell, Australian IBFfeatherweight titlist Billy Dib and featherweight contender Celestine Caballero.
    “I love boxing and have always been a big fan of the sport, so it feels especially great for me to be involved with the game at this level. My goal is to build SMS Promotions into one of boxing’s most respected promoters and bring the best fights to audiences nationwide,” states Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson.
    SMS Promotions and Top Rank will co-promote Gamboa’s bout on the Pacquiao-Marquez IV undercard on December 8, 2012. The fightwill be produced and distributed Live by HBO Pay-Per-View from the MGM Grand Garden Arena, in Las Vegas.Gamboa’s opponent is yet to be determined.
    Widely recognized as one of the most talented and prolific music artists of his time, Jackson has sold over 22 million albums worldwide and launched numerous businesses across a broad spectrum including music ownership, artist management, film production, footwear and clothing, fragrance, video games, publishing and energy drinks.

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    Re: Rapper 50 Licensed To Promote in NY, Nevada

    I could care less..

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    Re: Rapper 50 Licensed To Promote in NY, Nevada

    Quote Originally Posted by ali View Post
    I could care less..
    the editor has a crush on 50 the wanna be drug dealer,the government witness,the backstabber of friends. boxing is more cut throat then 50s make believe gangster past.lol

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    Re: Rapper 50 Licensed To Promote in NY, Nevada

    It's interesting to me that Fiddy is so dispised by so many people...My last girlfriend who I recently had to kick to the curb was also from NY......she had such an unrational hate for Fiddy she wouldn't even watch his movie Freelancer (starring Due Niro and Jackson)with me......which is a pretty good flick where Fiddy plays a treacherous undercover backstabbing dirty cop who even has to Merc his own best buddie and his girlfriend while they plead for their lives in order to keep from breaking cover.

    The commission who granted his lisence said Curtis Jackson spent 500,000 in fees and ancillary expenses to make it happen. This does not include what he paid the fighters or their training expenses.
    Jackson also had to provide a briefcase full of tax filings from his other businesses. The Commission found every thing in order and fast tracked his lisence.

    I would say Jackson is uniquely equipped to succeed in a business where the lines of integrity, loyalty, alliances and trust are constanly being blurred.

    On a side note : If TopRank and GB chose to pit their boxers against each other like the AFL VS THE NFL of the past. They could make boxing as profitable as major league sports... and replentish their ranks from maturing amateurs. They constantly brag about who has the best fighters...well prove it... or merge like huge corporations do every day....just a thought.

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