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Thread: Kronk Should Continue, As Steward/Kronk

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    Kronk Should Continue, As Steward/Kronk

    HAMBURG-Many tributes have come, with more on the way,for the late Emanuel Steward in the days leading up to Wladimir Klitschko’s heavyweight championship defense against Mariusz Wach.

    No doubt, there will be another, probably the most high tech and expensive of the bunch; at Hamburg’s 02 Arena.

    Unless Wach captures unlikely lightning in a belting bottle of local St.Pauli onSaturday night, the biggest moment of his career will beover pretty quickly.

    If Klitschko insists he will pay tribute to Steward with a strong performance, then I would lean heavilly toward the over / under betting line ofapproximately 6 1/2 roundsbeing way too long.

    Such was Steward’s stature, in bothhis ownachievement and the esteemin which he was held by others; that the fighthas been less of the story than Steward’s passing and what his absence means to us all.

    As well it should be. In the terms of his professiion, Emanuel’s life wasa unanimous shutout victory, of decency over much of the caca in thisboxing world of ours.

    You can count on a strong performance from Klitschko, but that isn’t the best way to honor Steward.

    Steward’sfinal, ultimatetribute should come at his memorial service in Detroit, just a few days after Klitschko -Wach and after many tears since Emanuel’s passing.

    It was inspiring to hear Tommy Hearns’ touching reflections immediately after Steward’s death was announced,and Hearns’ plea for the Kronk tradition to continue.

    If there’s anyone who can replace Steward as a worthy figurehead, it’sHearns.

    Kronk must go on, only with one change.

    Steward’s adopted baby should be renamedthe Kronk / Steward Gym.

    Same colors.

    Same logos.

    Seven more letters.

    Any declaration that Steward was, by and large,soley responsible for the Kronk’s success is unfair. Stewardnever fought under that banner and he knew the young men who took the punches deserved significant credit.Accomplishments were shared. Family.

    Emanuel was the rumbling roots of the family tree.

    Steward’s memorial service should be quite a gathering, a bittersweetwakefor one of the sport’s most beloved participants ever.

    The guest list will likely include enough great fighters to fill an entire wing of Canastota’s International Hall of Fame.

    It will also be the perfect time to pass the hat, spit bucket, whatever container, for donation.

    Everyone who remembers a personal kindness from Steward should make a donation.

    Every millionaire in attendance should make a substantial donation.

    Somebody like Klitschko could get the ball rolling, simply by offering anew Kronk foundation the same amount of Euros as Steward would have made for the Wach fight. New trainer Jonathan Banks might consider kicking in a piece, too.

    Since I’m being so free with people’s money, of course I’dmake a donation myself notmuch, butit would probably amount torelatively more of achange inmy week’s activities than it would for many in Steward’s stable.

    A few boxingcelebritydeaths in recent years produced multiple obituaries which omittedtheir sometimes glaring faults,out of respect for the dead. Unless I’m completely hoodwinked, that’s not the casewithEmanuel, so it shouldn’t be hard gathering support from the Kronk community.

    I don’t know whether or not Mr. Steward would have supported name change of his beloved enterprise.

    I do believe he would recognize the magnitude of the rechristeningas a loving tribute, and Emanuel was always proud of his accomplishments.

    Every initial donation over fifty dollars gets a new Kronk /Steward team t-shirt. Get the silkscreens rolling.

    Meanwhile, there’s a Euro-brawl in town tonight (Klitschko KO 3 or 4), dedicated toa unique,old-school trainer and wonderful guy.

    A guy who deserves to have a wonderful old school gym named after him.

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    Re: Kronk Should Continue, As Steward/Kronk

    Nice piece! But I must clear up one myth. Greats as a Manny Steward can never be actually replaced. The replacement of such greats are gone forever. For they were so unique. Oh, SURE! The Hitman Tommy Hearns can be a candidate to fill the late GBG Manny S's space. But nobody -- and I mean nobody -- can take his place.

    The Cus D'Amatos, Eddie Futches, Gil Glancys, Champ Channeys and Angie Dundees, just to name a few, can never be replaced. Just respaced. If even that. Holla!

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    Re: Kronk Should Continue, As Steward/Kronk

    This is a major blow to boxing that I feel personally in my chest. I welcomed and looked forward to Emmanual Steward's commentary as much as the big fight itself. I feel like I lost a family member, an uncle who I like a lot and always had a good time in his company. It's going to take a while to recover from this one........ big shoes to fill. You will be missed Emmanuel. Till that day

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