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Thread: Poulard Stops Sjomkin on Boxing Channel Card

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    Poulard Stops Sjomkin on Boxing Channel Card

    Contender Nicholson Poulard advanced toward a potential world title fight with a victory over Anton Sjomkin on Friday night in Quebec. The light heavyweight’s stoppage victory, which came at 1:24 of the third, took place on a card presented on BoxingChannel.TV. Poulard rose to 19-3, with 9 stops, while the loser, from Estonia, went to 13-8-1. The Haitian born Canadian Poulard, the brother of ex light heavy champ Jean Pascal, is a solid standup boxer who is in the mix to get a shot at WBA 175 pound champ Beibut Shumenov. He’s on a solid streak now; the fighter debuted in 2004, lost his second and third bouts and has been almost spotless since, save for a UD12 decision loss to Sebastien Demers in 2009.

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    Re: Poulard Stops Sjomkin on Boxing Channel Card

    hmmm, this doesnt seem legit. poulard is 19-3-1 fighting a bunch of frenchie cab drivers in canada. poulard just beat this guy last night who lost his last 5 fights in poland, and now poulard is ready for a championship? maybe the publisist or matchmaker deserves a championship belt for this hype job. as the great flava flav said" dont believe the hype boyyyyyyyy

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