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Thread: Al Bernstein Heads Up Showtime Year in Review

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    Al Bernstein Heads Up Showtime Year in Review

    Showtime broadcasters Al Bernstein, Mauro Ranallo and Frank Shamrock co-host Sho Sports 2010: A Year Reviewed, which will have its debut airing on Showtime at 8:30 p.m. (EST) on Wednesday, December 22.

    Al, Mauro and Frank look back on the great moments and stories in boxing and mixed martial arts that have been chronicled on Showtime in 2010.

    “The show is something kind of unique, because we come together in an informal setting to discuss various aspects of both sports,” Al Bernstein said. He added, "Both Mauro and Frank are intelligent and entertaining broadcasters who love MMA and boxing and have an eclectic view of sports and life. I have learned from them about MMA,and the Strikeforce shows on Showtime have added to my appreciation of that sport. It was a delight to co-mingle our knowledge and opinions as we looked back on the year.”

    The show will air six more times in December and January on Showtime, Showtime 2 and Showtime Extreme.


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    Al Bernstein, who serves as executive producer of the channel, said, “The matches that were promoted byForum Boxing were among the most extraordinary in boxing history—and each week www.boxingchannel.com will continue to roll out more fights from that great collection—in the coming weeks we will include bouts featuring Shane Mosley, Rafael Marquez, Israel Vasquez, Barrera, Hernandez and many more.”

    Theboxingchannel.com features coverage of major fights, interviews with top boxing personalities and Al’s video blog, where fans can get Al Bernstein’s thoughts and insights on the sport of boxing.

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