Greetings all. This post is to alert all FIGHT FORUM users that starting tonight Sunday July 9th we will begin transitioning traffic to the FIGHT FORUM 2.0

This FORUM will remain in place with all the great history of threads but the news sites TSS, TBC etc will now be feeding a 2.o version of the FIGHT FORUM. You can still create new posts here but we will be transitioning all traffic to the new improved version of the FIGHT FORUM.

Get over to the NEW FORUM and start the transition now. Active users of the FIGHT FORUM should check their e-mails for a one-time password reset that must be done to access the 2.0 version. After that, you will be ready to go. Now get to posting!

I have created a post of the new forum called "Welcome to THE FIGHT FORUM 2.0" - please use that thread if you have any questions.

Miguel Iturrate
Forum Admin