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Thread: Daniel Franco Update: Slow Recovery in Omaha

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    Daniel Franco Update: Slow Recovery in Omaha

    [img]http://www.thesweetscience.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/07/21105884_14971962870_r.jpg[/img] Daniel Franco remains in the fight of his life as he continues to recover from the “brain bleed” he suffered after a knockout loss a month ago.

    Franco, 25, is currently in Madonna Rehab Center in Nebraska recovering from the injury and still has a portion of his skull removed. His injury occurred during his fight on June 10 against Jose Haro in Sloan, Iowa for the vacant NABF featherweight title.

    After two successful surgical operations Franco was recently moved from Sioux City, Iowa to Omaha, Nebraska to recover and rehabilitate motor skills and other functions.

    “He can walk but his balance is not there. On a straight line he is doing well. He is definitely doing much better.* His motor skills are much better,” said Al Franco father of Daniel Franco. “The only trouble is his left vocal chords. Has a low raspy voice.”

    Because of complications during the initial surgeries Franco’s vocal chords suffered damage and he cannot ingest liquids regularly.

    “Might have to have surgery on his vocal chords. Has trouble drinking liquid. Fluid goes into lungs,” said Al Franco. “Water is given through his stomach. Plus a syringe of protein is also injected into his stomach. Food he can eat, but with his head tilted.”

    Recent weight measurements have him weighing about 129 pounds which is an improvement. But Franco still remains very weak and cannot walk without assistance. He currently is working daily on rebuilding strength. It’s a very slow process.

    The distance between Nebraska and Franco’s hometown of Rancho Cucamonga has caused financial stress for the family. Daniel Franco’s mother and girlfriend remain by his bedside daily while the father Al Franco is forced to travel back and forth because of his boxing gym business.

    “I’m in California right now. I fly out at noon,” said Al Franco on Thursday morning. “I’m still trying to make up for the time loss to the business.”

    Franco maintains a boxing gym business in Rialto, Calif. and has both amateur and professional boxers.

    “We’re leaving for Kansas for the nationals. I’m taking three or four amateurs to the tournament,” said Franco. “I have to maintain my business. It’s my only source of income.”

    Go Fund Me page

    Costs continue to mount for the Franco family who are forced to pay hotel, rental car, cleaning and food expenses while more than 1,000 miles away from home. It’s a struggle financially.

    This is the 26th day for the Franco family whose sole focus is on the recovery of Daniel Franco. They will need monetary assistance for a variety of things including food, transportation, housing and other necessary items.

    So far the fight community has raised more than $45,000 for the family but recently the donations have slowed. The family costs grow daily.

    Please remember that the Franco family’s struggles have not ended. We need all of the boxing family to support one of our fallen warriors and his loved ones.

    To help the Franco family please go to their GoFundMe page:


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    Re: Daniel Franco Update: Slow Recovery in Omaha

    This is good news but he is not out of the woods just yet. It's a slow process. Both David and I are brain bleed (subdural hematoma) survivors and we know what a boxer must go thought to survive. It appears there was no blood clot. Thank God for that because clots are deadly. I have sent this article to Ring 10. If anyone belongs to Ring 3, they might want to do the same.

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