[img]http://B78B.http.cdn.softlayer.net/00B78B/boxingchannel/thumbs/LemieuxStevensWeighin.jpg[/img] David Lemieux vs Curtis Stevens Media Call - Middleweights David Lemieux and Curtis Stevens clash on Saturday, march 11th in the main event of HBO Boxing’s card emanating from the Turning Stone Casino in upstate New York.

Last week, both fighters and their respective lead trainers attended a conference call held for the media as the build-up to the fight started in earnest. The truth is that the two men have been sniping at each other for months already and that animosity is expected to translate into tension in the ring. Both men lost to middleweight kingpin Gennady Golovkin and both men have been working their way back into contention after that loss, meaning neither can really afford the career derailment a loss would bring.

Call attended by:
Oscar De La Hoya (co-promoter and call mediator).
Curtis Stevens trainer John David Jackson
Middleweight Curts Stevens (29-5)
David Lemieux trainer Marc Ramsay
Middleweight David Lemieux (36-3)

David Lemieux vs Curtis Stevens Media Call
Call recorded on Tuesday, February 28th as the two fighters were beginning their last week of training camp and the call is presented here in all it’s raw footage.

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