[img]http://B78B.http.cdn.softlayer.net/00B78B/boxingchannel/thumbs/LotierzoPostHayeBellew.jpg[/img] Frank Lotierzo Looks Back at Bellew vs Haye - The O2 Arena in London played host to heavyweight boxing last Saturday night as David Haye returned to action to face rival and nemesis Tony Bellew.

Haye mounted a comeback in 2016*after more than three years away from the ring, but the two fights he has had since was against less than challenging opposition. Haye combats the common perception that he is trying to talk himself into a title fight without actually doing any work and Bellew voiced that opinion quite clearly.

Saturday night saw Tony Bellew do exactly what he said he was going to do in the ring. He was sharper and Haye’s timing was off so Haye swung and missed a lot. Bellew waited for Haye to tire and by the fifth round, Haye was showing the effects. By the eleventh round after Bellew scored a knock down, Haye’s corner threw in the towel to save their fighter further embarassment.

Frank Lotierzo Looks Back at Bellew vs Haye
In this latest TBC segment we are joined by long-time boxing analyst Frank Lotierzo to talk about last weekend’s David Haye versus Tony Bellew fight. Bellew entered the fight a 4 to 1 underdog or more in some places but he also entered the ring very familiar with Haye and very confident. Check out what Lotierzo had to say right here at TBC.

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