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Thread: Concussion: Now It’s Boxing’s Turn

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    Re: Concussion: Now It’s Boxing’s Turn

    Wow! I think that Big Pharma and the media are beginning to trivialize CTE nowadays for the next big-money making medicine that the FDA will approved to so-called prevent athletes, beaten housewives, beaten children and the likes from catching CTE.

    Big Pharma, the FDA and greedy, none-caring allopathic doktors ought to chillax with their 1,001 tricks to scare the scary and make that moolah with Frankensteinized tricks.

    Who is watching the discovers of CTE on diagnosing every dead person suffeing CTE from even a leaf flying upside the noggin.

    I have no doubt that many get CTE. But I also have no doubt of Big Phamarma and allopathic doktors' TsOTT and corruption and schemes to make money. Holla!

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    Re: Concussion: Now It’s Boxing’s Turn

    This piece has went absolutely VIRAL! My count has it at 37,000! Why?

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    Re: Concussion: Now It’s Boxing’s Turn

    And still another British Boxer fails a brain scan.

    Former Central Area super-lightweight champion Kofi Yates has had to face the cold hard fact that he will never box again after failing a routine brain scan earlier this year.

    He was advised by doctors that to continue boxing would be a risk to his health longterm and so with the advice of the medical professionals and his family, he has decided to call time on his 14-2 career.

    After 14 years of being a boxer, Kofi says it was a very hard decision to make, but will now pursue other job paths, and says he will remain in boxing in some capacity to help pass on his experience.

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