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Thread: Devon Alexander Dedicates Fight To Mrs. King's Memory

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    Devon Alexander Dedicates Fight To Mrs. King's Memory


    LAS VEGAS, Nev.—Undefeated World Boxing Council super lightweight champion Devon Alexander ‘The Great’ will dedicate his performance on Jan. 29 to his promoter’s wife of 50 years, Mrs. Henrietta King, who died earlier this month after a lengthy illness at age 87.

    Alexander (21-0, 13 KOs), from St. Louis, will face undefeated World Boxing Organization junior welterweight champion Timothy “Desert Storm” Bradley (26-0, 11 KOs), from North Palm Springs, Calif., at the Silverdome in Pontiac, Mich., on Jan. 29 in a long-awaited world championship unification match at the 140-pound weight limit.

    “Don King has promoted me since the beginning of my professional career in 2004,” Alexander said from his Las Vegas training camp. “Mrs. King was with Don for over 50 years. Don has always been there for me, and I want to dedicate my performance on Jan. 29 to Mrs. King for always being there for Don.”

    Alexander added, “Mrs. King was a great lady and I was honored to have met her. I will honor her with the best performance of my life at the Silverdome in Pontiac."

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    @Editor Mike. Are there still problems going on with the site? There doesn't seem to be ANY comments on recent articles and if that's the case, that takes out most of the fun out of coming here. What gives? Also, big props to Devon Alexander. When a fighter dedicates an upcoming major match to a recently deceased loved one, that fighter seems to become even more dangerous than usual. Tim Bradley better watch out. Examples such as Katsidis doing better than I expected against Marquez after his brother's death and Buster Douglass's materpiece against Mike Tyson right after his mom's death are 2 good examples.

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    Solemn Resolutions,.. Noble Declarations,...Personal Proclaimations.....have been a part of boxing longer than crap shooters have tossed dice because "baby needs a new pair of shoes". I hope Bradley doesn't feel the need to compete by saying he's dedicating his effort on the behalf of John Arum who tragically lost his life while mountain climbing earlier this year. The Peterson Brothers and Victor Ortiz are always being sold as fighters who are boxing for something greater than themselves... but in the end,.. it all rings hollow if when they lose. As we grow closer to this contest of evenly matched champions we can see that both men continue to do their best win the prefight psychological war while motivating themselves at the same time. I think the fans will be treated to an all out effort by both fighters and I still can't picture how this will play out in the ring. Alexander got a hometown decision against Kotelnik but he also showed that he can move and throw a 100 punches a round for 12 solid rounds... while Bradley showed that he's strong enough to beat a welterweight and durable enough to go 12 furious rounds in the phone booth battle he had with Peterson without any signs of wilting under the pressure. ..Two young fighters in their prime giving 110% percent... what an excellent way to begin the New Year.

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    It's true we have had some issues.

    It is no excuse but we are actively working on stabilizing the entire system.

    My apologies.
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