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Thread: Ronnie Shields Now Working With Arreola

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    Ronnie Shields Now Working With Arreola

    LOS ANGELES, CA (January 6, 2011)
    - With a career crossroads fight for former #1-world ranked heavyweight contender Cristobal Arreola (29-2, 25 KOs) just three weeks away, Team Arreola brought in some reinforcements with the notable addition of highly-successful and respected, Houston-based trainer Ronnie Shields.

    Shields, who worked with Mike Tyson and guided the likes of Evander Holyfield, Pernell Whittaker, Meldrick Taylor , Vernon Forrest and Kermit Cintron to world titles, will share the corner with incumbent trainer Henry Ramirez at Arreola’s January 28 ESPN2 "Friday Night Fights" main event against hard-hitting southpaw Joey Abell (27-4, 26 KOs) at Pechanga Resort & Casino in Temecula, CA.
    "I spoke with (Arreola’s advisor) Al Haymon a couple of months ago about possibly working with Chris," Shields revealed. "They called me a few days ago and told me they were sending Chris down to Houston and we had the first workout this past Wednesday."
    This development is something new for both Arreola and Ramirez, as they have been together since Arreola’s amateur days. Not long ago he was considered one of the most popular heavyweights in the world because of his aggressiveness and propensity for knocking out his opponents. But since experiencing his first pro loss after 27 consecutive wins against WBC world champion Vitali Klitschko back in September, 2009, Arreola has been widely criticized by boxing insiders - including his own promotional and management team - and his most ardent fans for his obvious lack of commitment to training and conditioning. Haymon, promoter Dan Goossen and even Ramirez all concurred that Arreola needed to hear a new voice bringing in new training techniques to add to -- and tweak some of -- those Ramirez has in place.
    "Henry let me go ahead and train Chris the way I thought it should be done on the first day of training," Shields acknowledged. "Chris hit the mitts and shadowboxed. Then I discussed with Henry what I had seen. It was the first time I’d seen Chris shadowbox and I told him that there were some things he wasn’t doing correctly that he was doing on the pads. Basically, it was that he was lunging with his right hand. And I told him that we need to work on trying to correct it and get rid of the bad habits. We ended up doing about 10 rounds that day."
    In addition to the change in training for his upcoming fight, Arreola is also working with a new man in charge of conditioning. In lieu of Arreola’s regular conditioning guru Darryl Hudson, Shields has Arreola working with his locally-based expert Brian Caldwell.
    "Brian Caldwell has been with me and worked with Juan Diaz, Kermit Cintron and just about every fighter I’ve trained," Shields noted. ’So it made sense to work with him since he’s already here instead of flying someone else in."
    As for the potential that Shields sees in Arreola and the impact he can make on his career, Shields sees an opportunity to help the Riverside, CA native realize his dream of becoming the first world heavyweight champion of Mexican descent.
    "As I told everybody when I first saw Chris when he was an amateur, this kid will be heavyweight champion of the world. And he’s still a young guy; he’s only 29 years old. He’s still a baby. I told him that the first day. I had a long talk with him before we trained and just wanted to see where he was coming from. I see a lot of potential in Chris, but the truth is he is his own worst enemy. I told him that I’m not here to put pressure on him; I’m here to help him. I’m going to work side by side with Henry on trying to get Chris into position to once again challenge for a world heavyweight title -- and possibly win it."
    The Arreola-Abell main event and co-feature pitting Michael Dallas, Jr. (17-0-1, 7 KOs) versus Josesito Lopez (28-3, 16 KOs) will be televised LIVE on ESPN2’s "Friday Night Fights" (10pm ET/7pm PT).
    Ticket prices start at $35 and are available at www.pechanga.com or directly at the Pechanga Box Office daily from 10am to 10pm, or by calling 1-877-711-2WIN. Doors open at 5pm. First Bout is at 6pm.

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    If Ronnie gets Cris to ....put......down......the....fork...then he will be earning his percentage. If not, I don't frankly see this making much of a diff. Youse?

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    of all the hired guns in the business. Ronnie is the most transient.. he takes on new clients like Sallie Mae takes on loans... The problem is... he mainly gets incorrigable fighters who are so ingrained in their routines that they are basically unteachable.. to compound the problem he doesn't spend enough time to help them undo habits that these boxers have relied apon thru out their careers. Shields helps fighters but he doesn't invest enough time to correct their faults... like Juan Diaz and Jorge Barrios for example. Ronnie does know boxing... but is his new client motivated enough to do the dirty work necessary to improve?? it's an uphill battle to train these 28-35year old boxers who wanna do what they wanna do when they wanna do it... Recycled,. Rehabbed and Reconstructed fighters make good copy... They illicit the inspiration of a new beginning,.. but like hookers who want to become housewives... They seem to break our hearts 9 out of 10 times... Somebody show me to the clinic... I think I'm getting an STD.

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    Unless that's a GIGANTIC shirt - the muncher doesn't look all that overweight. I will Goosen had seasoned him up a little more before feeding him to Vitali. I think he can get a piece of the title if he controls the weight and keeps working and winning. One or two more losses (no matter what the excuse - or fighter) will send him to the casino (club) circuit.

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    The major good that this will do for Arreola is that he has gotten away from "da hommies." They were major problems and pull downers -- bunch of leeches and low-life peaches. And after they would and could keep him out of the gym, they would talk jive about him behind his back. Changing locale to Houston and getting the heck out of Riverside will improve him 50 percent. That is what he has been fighting at. [Now the 100 percent of the Nightmare is coming; just 75 percent of him can beat these nowadays sorry-arse heavies.] Going with ole Ronny boy is indeed a good move. Ronny will personally see that the Cali Crusher, who became a musher, will do da dang road work. Everybody and dey momma could tell that Cris has ditched the road work. That is why his balance went bad and he lost that knockout edge. In boxing, the legs are the most important part. Having weak legs will lead to the beer kegs. Cris was beer drinking his arse off because he lost his legs from not doing road work, his confidence from not being in the gym and his knack to be the next American Boxing Mack. Now he can get it all back. It is something about Texas that raises up unique heavies. Jack Johnson, the first black heavy champion was a Texan. Tex Rickard, a heavyweight promoter gave him the opportunity. Before Ali forced exile, he became a Texan, and Texas gave him the opportunites to put the beatdown on Folley and get his title back from paper champion Ernie Terrell. Rev. (Big) George Foreman, a Texan is the oldest heavy to win a belt. Holyfield, who was banned from boxing got a restart in Texas. It must be the Texas barbecue and water that is engergizing these heavies. The jury is still out on Cris. But Ronny Shields may just be the shields that will protect Arreola from himself and "da hommies." Change of environment has been many of a people CHAMPIONS. Holla!

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