DUSSELDORF – Germany continues to adjust and adapt to strains of their admirable attempt to provide humanitarian relief to a sea of desperation, while events like Wladimir Klitschko versus Tyson Fury pale in significance but remain vital as evidence of mankind’s better social instincts.
From the opening press conference right down to the final pre-fight publicity stare down, the contestants have engaged in very public and personal mind games. What they amount to is anybody’s guess until the opening bell.
Just as with other artistic or visual - responses, word association can provide insight into personality types or thought processes. What follows is a transcript of “one word” impromptu responses by Wladimir Klitschko and Tyson Fury to one word prompts.
Klitschko’s answers seemed to reflect a broader, more historical perspective, while Fury’s were more personal. Throughout an entertaining week here Fury has been one of the most offbeat, entertaining fighters or religious proclaimers I’ve ever seen. Maybe it just stands out more in this generally formal locale.
Boxing – Klitschko : Sweet Science Fury : Sex (big smile)
Heavyweights – Klitschko : Ali Fury : Champions
Champion – Klitschko : Louis Fury : Me
Greatness – Klitschko : Ali Fury : Me
Knockout – Klitschko : Tyson Fury : Yes!
Fear – Klitschko : Not Me Fury : Nothing
Style- Klitschko : Float like a Butterfly Fury : Aggression
Pain- Klitschko : And Gain Fury : Feeling
Training- Motivation Fury : Hard
Fury - Klitschko: I won’t say that right now. My next opponent.
Klitschko – Fury: !@#?!
With that process in mind, we did a little self-survey, after hanging around many of the principles for a few hours under formal and informal circumstance.
Knockout : Probably (does not go 9)
Sellout : Unlikely, but a great crowd at well over 44,000.
Classic : Hopefully (Fury had decent footwork and looked pretty quick in low gear at workout, Wlad looks typically excellent).
Winner : Klitschko by TKO (Fury Still Standing)
Fury Moral Victory : Virtually Guaranteed
Rematch : No
Wilder : Sooner
Joshua : Later
Tepar : Next ?