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Thread: Caballero-Haskins is OFF

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    Caballero-Haskins is OFF


    Last night, Randy Caballero weighed 119 pounds. Today, he weighed 123.5.
    No, the IBF bantamweight champ, er, make that EX champ, didn't hit the Vegas buffets at midnight, as he counted down to a clash against Lee Haskins on the #CaneloCotto undercard in Vegas.
    Rather, the Cali boxer woke up, body bloated, in rebellion mode.
    This according to Eric Gomez, an exec with Caballero's promoter, Golden Boy.
    He told me that this AM, Randy hit the sauna, and he didn't lose anything. So when he hit the scale at Mandalay Bay and he was sooo far over, jaws dropped...but not among those belonging to Team Caballero. They knew that his body was not in cooperation mode.
    The fight could have gone on--this is the sports-entertainment business after all--if all parties reached an accord.
    Alas, the Haskins crew, Gomez told me, pulled the plug. The weight differential would be too wide, in the mind of the Brit bunch. The commission would have accommodated the issue if the fighters had found common ground. "The fight is off," Gomez said. "It's shocking. I've heard of this happening, weight shooting up overnight but...Randy will get a full physical and we will make sure he is fine before he decides his next move and weight class."

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    Re: Caballero-Haskins is OFF

    Ya blew it son! a 118 lb fighter gets a big shot on an international PPV HBO telecast, and comes in grossly overweight. He'd best start shopping for a new promoter while he's picking up the pieces.

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