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Thread: Tyson Comeback Rumor In Full Bloom; Tyson to Meet Toney?

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    Tyson Comeback Rumor In Full Bloom; Tyson to Meet Toney?


    The rumor mill is a-grind; Mike Tyson is coming back to the ring, to fight.
    And he will be fighting Hall of Famer to be James Toney, the former middleweight and light heavyweight ace who has campaigned for the last decade plus as a heavyweight.
    Sounded like pure hokum to me, when I saw the issue being discussed in an Elie Seckbach video. The videographer asked boxer Gabe Rosado about the rumor, and queried two other guys in a gym parking lot. Tyson-Toney is 90 percent done, we heard in the Q n A.
    I reached out to a close Tyson source, asked about the rumor, expected to be told it was pure hoo-hah.
    "Mike is filming a movie," I was told.
    And the rumor of a comeback, of Mike fighting for the first time since he was stopped by Kevin McBride in 2005…nonsense, right?
    "Mike is filming a movie," was the response.
    Door not closed...rumor not shut down, not a bit. Holy smokes...
    For the record, Tyson turns 49 June 30. He has a 50-6 record, and was stopped out, by Danny Williams and then McBride, in his final two tangles. Lennox Lewis stopped him in 2002, he got a win over Cliff Etienne, and then finished, er, continued, with the back to back losses. Toney turns 47 in August. He last licensed up and fought in November 2013, losing a decision in England to 23-15 Jason Gavern.
    To be clear, there would be immense curiousity in a Tyson comeback. Scorn, doubt...and interest. Money would be made, pay-per-view buys would be achieved. How many, who could say. But he's remained relevant, with documentaries, and a stage show, and a book, in the last few years. His name recognition is high, and with "elderly" boxers like Wladimir Klitschko and Bernard Hopkins still able to be more than a shell of their greatest selves nearing and beyond 40 and 50, the Tyson comeback could be sold to some masses.
    Readers, what say you...if he fights, will you watch?
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    Re: Tyson Comeback Rumor In Full Bloom; Tyson to Meet Toney?

    Please pass the puke bucket

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    Re: Tyson Comeback Rumor In Full Bloom; Tyson to Meet Toney?

    Of course, it is a terrible idea. But also brilliant, in the way an ill-conceived exploitation sideshow can also be brilliant. Funny thing is, I have a feeling that today’s Tyson would train for this more seriously than he did in the whole second half of his career. Not that Tyson would have enough left to deal during a real fight, especially since even an old, punchy Toney still LOVES to fight, and still probably has a good chin, but as much as we revere Toney’s old-school moves, he did look like a fat bobble-head doll for the last several years of his career, and struggled with some C-grade opposition in spite of having enough echoes of that sneaky technique to remind us of who he almost was. An in-shape, old Tyson with some demons quieted down - not the ones that like to push nose-bones into brains, I like those demons - could be an interesting exhibit. Tyson’s need for serious money just might motivate him enough to take this as seriously as an old ex-pug ever could. But I’m not sure a relatively chastened and mature Tyson could ever be at peace with the inner killer - that war within himself, having his violence exploited in a way that once made him feel like a dancing elephant, well, its something that just might not work, even in a sideshow sense. But would I watch it, as evil as it would be? Of course.

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