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Thread: Al Bernstein tells us the top 5 fights he has announced

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    Re: Al Bernstein tells us the top 5 fights he has announced

    Interesting list...I will say when I first saw it I did a double take seeing Juan Manuel Lopez-Rogers Mtagwa at number 5. But then thinking about it some and hearing the explanation from Al Bernstein, I can see why he ranks that fight so high. Lopez was way up on the cards but hurt bad in the 11th and out on his feet the entire final round. That 12th round in particular I remember being on the edge of my seat and thinking that Mtagwa was going to pull the dramatic come from behind win. And Lopez was out but somehow someway survived the round. It was an exciting three minutes filled with drama to say the least.

    I find it interesting too that he ranks Corrales-Castillo I over Hagler-Hearns. Hagler-Hearns was much bigger of course and that first round unreal. But the drama of that 10th round of Corrales-Castillo I was something that I don't think we will ever see again and I can understand why he ranks that over Hagler-Hearns. Of course not to mention the sustained action for the 9 rounds previous.

    I have a feeling that as time goes by Corrales-Castillo I will only go up and up on such lists as we look back and see what action and drama was involved in that fight. It was truly an all-time great fight with all time great ending. In boxing history, it kind of goes overlooked right now because it was so recent compared to all the great fights of yesteryear. But it was truly special and an all-time great fight.

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