We are closing in on a second relatively slow week in the sport. But September is around the corner and along with it some very excellent matchups. Forget Mayweather-Maidana and look south to some of the smaller weight classes. There are some highly competitive fights high level in the smaller weight classes that could become instant classics. Here is a look at a few that are on the horizon:

Akira Yaegashi vs Roman Gonzalez (Sept 5th) - This is a fight to determine the best Flyweight in the world in what has become a loaded weight class. Yaegashi is considered by many the best at the weight. Gonzalez has recently come up from 108 and is a pound for pound entrant on a lot of lists. He is an action fighter who carries a big punch. This is a mouth watering matchup to say the least.

Juan Estrada vs Giovani Segura (Sept 6th) - We are maybe in the midst of a de facto Flyweight tournament. The winner of Yaegashi-Gonzalez will be the top man and the winner of this fight the 2nd. And what a fight this could be between two top level fighters who can punch and each like to mix it up. Segura knows only one way to fight and Estrada can box but has a tendency to exchange if he gets hit. There will be plenty of leather flying here.

Kiko Martinez vs. Carl Frampton (Sept 6th) - These are two of the best junior featherweights in the world whose styles could make for a lot of punches being exchanged. Martinez is a different fighter since losing to Frampton early last year and his high rate of activity could make this a very compelling fight.

I know this is a slow week but wow we will be in for some serious action next week. And I would take this tripleheader anyday of the week over what Showtime is broadcasting that same weekend.