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Thread: Maidana poses a real threat.................

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    Maidana poses a real threat.................

    ..................to the landscape of boxing if he wins. True, we know how big of a deal it would be for Floyd to lose the 0. True, we know how big of a deal it would be in terms of an upset. True we know that the Floyd haters would come out in droves as well as the Floyd defenders. We also know that this would be more than just a boxing story as it would become news to the casual and possibly the non-fan. However, lets think about how far reaching a win for Maidana would be:

    -Who's the new P4P? Ward, Rigo, Pac? Even if Maidana wins, I don't think anyone would consider him the best fighter on the planet.

    -Is Floyd still the leading man of the sport?

    -If you think people want a piece of Floyd now, imagine how many will want a shot after he loses. No different from Tyson being beaten. No different than Roger Bannister running the 4 minute mile. Once someone see something done for the first time, everybody wants a crack at it.


    -In the interest of moolah and what leverage he would lose, would Floyd be even more pressured by Showtime, by his constituents, and by the public to fight Pac?

    -How many fighters would instantly become part of the Maidana sweepstakes. I can think of 5 easily.

    -I think it would be safe to say that Maidana would vacate 154, which means the WBA belt is up for grabs. I could easily see Cotto, Lara, Canelo, Andrade, Molina, and even GGG maybe taking a swipe at that. It could produce a great matchup.

    -Floyd has always touted the 0, could he handle not having it? Sounds crazy, but this is a legitimate question.

    -Considering that Maidana would now be an Argentine icon with the win, would the Argentine barn burner that all of us have wanted of him and Matthysse happen?

    -What happens to guys like Brook, Thurman, Khan, possibly Cotto again, who were once on the prowl for the Mayweather sweepstakes? Do they try to get a gig with Maidana who may not draw the type of crowd or loot that they could get with other fights

    I have come to realize that this fight has some very far reaching ramifications if Maidana pulls the upset. Too bad we will never know!!!!

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    Re: Maidana poses a real threat.................

    There will be some change to the landscape of the sport if Maidana wins. However, Floyd will still be a massive name and a target of many like he is at the moment.

    First things first, I don't think Maidana pulls this off. I only see him maybe winning a couple early rounds and Floyd being dominant afterwards.

    But lets say he does, first things first there will be a third fight. No doubt about that next May. Win or lose, Mayweather still has one fight after on the Showtime contract and will probably exercise that fight regardless with the payday it presents.

    Secondly, as for any potential Pacquiao fight that is not happening. Period, ever. If they couldn't come to terms when all that money was on the table some four or five years ago and everybody would have made truckloads of cash, they won't come to terms period. Its just not going to happen with the political landscape of the sport.

    As for opponents for that final fight on the Showtime contract, well probably be someone like Cotto (if he still has the Middleweight belt) or Khan. It would still be a very marketable fight.

    As for Maidana, he may or may not be headed the PPV route depending on the opponent. But there will be some very enticing matchups out there including possibly Canelo. And that Matthysse fight will happen someday regardless of the Floyd result. The reason is hasn't already is that is one of those fights, kind of like Lee-Macklin, that can be made anytime in the career of each man and do well whenever it is made.

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    Re: Maidana poses a real threat.................

    I imagine Floyd would be accompanied by his younger brother Adrien on a prime time slot on the Oprah Winfrey show, offering sincere apologies to their fans, to America and to Al Haymon for allowing themselves both to be beaten by the Argentinian slugger. I presume Floyd would take a hiatus and recluse in a Far Eastern Monastery, regaining his inner-self and forming a plan to regain his current status of TBE. The Argentine menace would be hailed as the new God of Latin sport, and will always be hero-worshiped by South American pugilists for many centuries to come, no doubt.

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