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Thread: Wilder beats Jason Gavern rd 4

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    Re: Wilder beats Jason Gavern rd 4

    Quote Originally Posted by The Commish View Post
    Radam. I am not quite sure how you feel about Wilder. I think you are on the fence with your feelings here/

    How do you REALLY feel about him?

    -Randy G.
    I don't have personal feeling against or about him. But I have boksing feeling that he is not all dat and a bag of chip. And deep down inside, he's a big, scary chicken that make believes in some superior being favoring him over other man, while he's a slick sinner.

    Bottom line, I don't like the BIG-stage fake-arse behavior of any of the pug game's phonies -- D-Wild, Antonio Tarver, The Cali Cranium Crusher, The Dogg, Great(less) Khan, The World Kid and some less famous ones. Fighters as Money May, Broner, Paulie M, JM Marquez, the K docs/bros and Da Manny are never fake and perpetrating frauds. They are true blue and don't have to con me and/or you.

    These muthapuckas -- pug game's phonies who I named above -- are always putting on a front, but they are cruel and rude to certain people when the cameras are not nearby. And the sad thing about it, they have gotten away with straight-up hardcore crimes, such as rape, armed, bank and casino robbery and unlawful roughing up naive service workers and fans. Holla!
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    Re: Wilder beats Jason Gavern rd 4

    I don't have a problem with the gregarious Wilder. He's young and speaks through his hormones.
    Its better that they put him in against soft opposition than thrust him to the front of the line like they did Seth Mitchell.
    When Mitchell finally got his chance to fight Areola in a title eliminator...he approached the ring as if he was walking the last green mile.
    Dead Man Walking.

    Although i do agree that its pretty obvious that Wilder would have benefitted from fighting a few more guys who displayed some conspicous signs of life, .... his day of reckoning will get here soon enough.

    Come November we'll all see what Wilder is made of when he faces the hard hitting and crafty champion....Stiverne

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