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Thread: Danny bit iiritated

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    Re: Danny bit iiritated

    Quote from this morning" The general attitude was that Garcia would, of course, easily turn back Herrera’s challenge before his “home” fans and set up bigger, better, and more lucrative fights (like a welterweight challenge of Floyd Mayweather).
    But no one told Herrera that he came to Puerto Rico to lose. As a result, the Mexican-American boxed circles around Garcia, bloodied and broke his nose and almost left town with Garcia’s title belts. Ever since the close call, Garcia has been slammed with negative press and nasty social media comments" unquote. with the Salka fight Danny says he doesn't care if the the WBC and WBA didn't wan't to sanction the Salka fight, he say's it's the Danny Garcia show!. the mind is a very poweful tool, with pops garcia yelling at him all the time and being distracted with all the bad rap from media and fans for not giving Mauricio a re-match and settling the score, haymon feels Danny need a convincing Victory over a lesser foe to bring back his self esteem. I can't wait until sunday and see how the media and fans react to the Danny Garcia/Salka result.

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    Re: Danny bit iiritated

    You know how they're going to react, Riverside. If Garcia blasts Salka out of there in two or three rounds, well, Garcia beat up on a totally overmatched opponent. If it takes him a lot longer, then it'll be something like, "Danny Garcia stopped Rod Salka as expected, but it took him (number of rounds) to do it. What took him so long?"

    A decision for Garcia will be like a victory for Salka. You know. That Rocky Balboa thing: "I just wanna' go the distance."

    Should Salka, someway, somehow, take the fight to a decision--and win--Garcia will have to do something short of going into the Witness Protection Program.

    For Danny Garcia, this fight is a lose-lose proposition. For Salka, it's win-win.

    -Randy G.

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