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Fair enough Commish, tennis is not for everyone. I have buddies that insist NASCAR is awesome and I should give it a chance. We are talking about cars driving around in circle, not for me.
Sounds to me like you are talking about tennis from the McEnroe years. They don't berate the officials any more. Serena got DQed in the US Open Final a few years back when she lost it. They have a replay system to check the line calls now to cut back on the arguing. I'd love to see boxing get a little more involved with a replay system in some cases.
Nowadays players are pretty good to the fans. Top players sigh autographs on the way off the court all the time, even after a tough loss.
I'm just trying to get something else cooking if people are interested. I play all the time. It's good for the body and the mind. Even old timers like yourself can play at a high level. I'd be happy to hit a few balls with you Randy if you ever get to Chicago. Tell Gerry Cooney I said hello!
I do get to Chicago a few times a year, as one of my daughters lives there with her hubby & two kids.

I indeed will tell Gerry you say hello.

-Randy G