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I was wanting to see history made too B-Sug but it wasn't to be, at least not this year...

Hello again everybody and welcome to the final installment of Talking Tennis With the Roast.

I might talk about the men's and women's finals or I might not. It's my show and I'll do what I want. Thanks in advance to whoever you are that reads my stuff, it's been fun expressing my views on the world of tennis.

I've made many great friends with the guys I play with. One of the guys had the idea to get everyone together, the wives included, to watch the US Open final between Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic. Make some food, drink some beers, a tennis party. At this party we were telling our stories about how long we have played tennis and how we came to be tennis players. Most of the wives came in separate cars to leave early because a men's Grand Slam Final can go 3-5 hours.

My story began on a baseball field. I was a good pitcher as a kid. I remember a game where I was striking out batter after batter only to lose the game on a ground ball to the shortstop when the shortstop threw the ball away leading to chaos.
After the game I bitched out the shortstop, saying I'm doing all the work and all you have to do is throw to first and you can't even do that one simple thing...
The coach stops me, tells me that team sports may not be for me. I quit baseball. Start boxing.
I didn't like training. I liked to fight but not the running and the training. I had some good results early but after getting KOed twice by bigger guys I hung up the gloves and moved on to tennis.
This was in the mid 80's. Hagler was my favorite fighter. I brought the Destruct ans Destroy attitude to the tennis court. Only problem was tennis is not like boxing in the way that you can get hyped to fight but to play tennis you need to be calm, even keeled.
Back to today, modern times. I'm known as a fierce competitor among my people. We are playing inside tonight. We have a new guy, he is very good, name is Joe. We have court time from 8 to 10. Hugh and Joe win the 9th game to go up 5-4 on the Roast and Pure Chuck. It's 10 o'clock. Joe thinks it's time to leave. "Where do you think you're going? You have one more game to win." I say. A couple of the other players had finished already and they explain to Joe that the Roast won't let you leave until it's over. My team takes the next 3 game to win a very intense set 7-5. The guys ask me where this intense competitor comes from. I say channeling my inner Hagler,"I don't know. There's a monster inside of me and sometimes it just comes out."
I know now how to balance the Destruct and Destroy rage with the icy cool of Borg, Evert, and Federer.

I'll see you over on the TSS forum folks, thanks for reading.

For now or perhaps forever TTWtR is over.
Oh, SHUCKKKK! Don't let "TTWtR" be over. I'm reminded of the first old cowboy movie I remember watching with GOAT Ali and the late, great comic Richard Pryor when I was two years old and some major change: "Shane, Shane! Comeback, Shane!...."

WTF! Hehehe! Come back, TTWtR! TTWtR, TTWtR! Comeback, TTWtR.... Holla!