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Thread: Boxing-Inspired Idioms

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    Boxing-Inspired Idioms

    Boxing has enriched the English language. It has produced many peachy idioms -- expressions whose meanings can't be deduced from the word combination.

    The phrase "ringside seat" is used indiscriminately. A reporter returning from a national political convention might say "I had a ringside seat at the circus."

    In Nevada, a politician running for re-election was involved in a not-so-secret affair with an aide. A friend of mine spotted them canoodling in a restaurant and said "he's leading with his chin."
    Nice metaphor.

    If he had exposed the illicit affair, he might be accused of punching "below the belt."

    At one time "put up your dukes" was a common expression. It originated in England in the bare-knuckle days when fighters had the backing of aristocrats.

    Tell me the truth, no matter how hard it hurts, can be re-phrased "don't pull any punches."

    If you suffered a lot of adversity in your life but still stand strong, you might say "I rolled with the punches."

    Were you ever so exasperated by a written test that you turned it in without completing it? You "threw in the towel."

    As for that curvaceous blonde in the mini-skirt: she's a "knockout."

    I'm thinking off the top of my head. I'll bet I left out some good ones.

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    Re: Boxing-Inspired Idioms

    I wanted my friend to know that I supported him 100%, and I told him, "I'll always be in your corner." He was a politician, who, when it came time for the big debate, "Came out fighting." He "hit his opponent with everything but the kitchen sink" and showed the "killer instinct" which told me he truly wanted to "Moida' da' bum."

    Alas, he didn't win. He tried to "give him the 'ol one-two," but the guy was "a crafty veteran who knew his way around the ring" and "danced his way out of trouble." My friend "put up a good fight" and I was hoping he'd be "saved by the bell," but he was a true warrior and "went out on his shield." When it was over, he talked to his family and his friends at TheSweetScience.com. It was then he made the decision to "hang up his gloves."

    -Randy G.

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    Re: Boxing-Inspired Idioms

    Very clever. Your friend didn't win, but it's obvious that he was no tomato can.

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    Re: Boxing-Inspired Idioms

    Wow! Somebody "quitted on da stool." "Hit him with your best shot." "He's still standing." "He knocked him da f*** out!" "Imma knock you out." "It was a T-K-O!" She put your arse "down for the count." "Imma fight to da end." "Ain't going down." "Dang! You better keep yo' hands up." She "put out yo' lights."

    NOW! Somebody holla some. Holla!

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