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Thread: The Similarities Between Golovkin-Geale and Tszyu-Phillips

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    Re: The Similarities Between Golovkin-Geale and Tszyu-Phillips

    Quote Originally Posted by Radam G View Post
    Three 3g has one history -- and that is cobra striking. And his trainer has him doing that to the death. Trainer Abel Sanchez's has always preferred cobra-like striking pug. His best known fighter is Terry Norris. Go and holla at Terry's old fights. And be honest. And you will see the same cobra moves in him that 3g is using nowadays. As it is said in this game: "$ame old $yet. Different time. Different Playa [sic]. Terry had a china chin. Three g has an iron one. And it's going to take intense heat to melt it.

    Three 3g is good -- very good -- but the present crop of middle that he's fought have been accommodating his crobra-ism. He is more cobra than Froch. And many cannot see it because of inattention blindness by his pop and bang. But with certain types of fighters, he cannot hang. Holla!

    I see some similarity. The main difference is Terry's defense wasn't any where as keen as GGG's.
    Terry was so quick he would fire off an eight punch combination like it was nothing....while standing straight up ...China chin flapping in the breeze.

    Watching the guy was like watching a crapshoot. Sometimes he would score an astounding early KO, other times he would be the victim. Personally I was never a fan because he was so inconsistent.

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    Re: The Similarities Between Golovkin-Geale and Tszyu-Phillips

    Quote Originally Posted by dino da vinci View Post
    I've read deep into this post by Storm and keep reading and re-reading that KT kept putting all his belts on the line although he didn't need to. Years ago if you lost a fight at the weight you're champion, you're no longer champion. Much like why a heavyweight champion cannot have a non-title fight. If he loses, how can he still be the champion? All other divisions can circumvent this by fighting one pound over their strap limit. At the strap limit if you don't win, how can you still be considered champ?

    Side note. Jake "The Snake" may be a great guy, but if the question was name the most ordinary guys to ever hold a major title and I didn't name him within five, sure sign I have the onset of Alzheimers.
    Only just saw your response after all these weeks.

    Thanks for that Dino.

    I forgot to add to my above/long piece that Kostya Tszyu - in addition to what achievements I have already described and detailed - was the first guy to unify the light welterweight division in ~ 30 years.

    Nuff said.

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