With the 117-111 score, it may seem wide, but it's easy to forget that there were plenty of swing rounds and judges sometimes favor the guy coming forward.

Remember the Pacquiao-Marquez 3 116-112 scorecard? Similar situation, though far more egregious.

There is only a four-round difference between 115-113 for Dandy Landy and 117-111 for Canelo. Were there four swing rounds in the fight?

I think most would say yes.

In the case of swing rounds, it's almost like soccer games in the event of a draw -- the edge goes to the home team. Whether we like it or not, that's how it goes in boxing, too.

Should Lara have let his hands go more? Sure. But then again, it's not that simple.

"There's a reason Lara was throwing and you gotta credit Canelo for that," Paulie Malignaggi told the Boxing Channel. "The people who reason that way are idiots."

As for Lara, the Cuban has good technique and fundamentals but as crazy as it sounds, he's way too one-dimensional. And with a one-dimensional offense, your output can be limited once forced to fight outside your comfort zone.

As of right now, Dandy Landy just isn't ready yet.

He needs to learn how to clinch, tie a guy up and disrupt his rhythm, fight on the inside, fight in the pocket and vary his offense a bit more.

Ronnie Shields needs to get that boy in the film room and study the crafty inside work of Jimmy Young, George Benton, Larry Holmes, Andre Ward and Floyd Mayweather and drill it to death in the gym for like six months straight.

He wouldn't even be changing him, he'd just add more layers to his current arsenal. Or maybe he needs Deepwater to go down to Texas, grab a tire, place his foot inside it and have him work.

Like I've said yesterday, and I've said all along, Lara's a poor man's Rigondeaux. Which is enough to get you to a certain level but not enough to pound-for-pound you to the absolute upper echelon of elite where Floyd, Ward and Rigo reside.

Max Kellerman deserves more respect, by the way, for always keeping a sense of perspective. And I also liked this analogy :-p