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Thread: Canelo-Lara As It Will Unfold

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    Canelo-Lara As It Will Unfold

    A play has three acts.

    First act: Lara outfoxes Canelo in what looks like an encore of The One.

    Second act: Canelo inches closer.

    Third act: Lars lingers on the ropes. Gets caught by Canelo.

    The twist: Does he recover?

    Climax: Who the FOCK knows?!?!

    This is why we love this.

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    Re: Canelo-Lara As It Will Unfold

    Lara started strong and boxed effectively earlier. Canelo's strategy seemed to change in round four and he became more aggressive opening up a little more. In particular, the body assault by Canelo got going. There were some close rounds but in my opinion what carried those close rounds for Canelo was the fact that his punches to the body carried more impact than the flashy head shots Lara landed. Therefore, in a close fight I had Canelo winning 115-113.

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    Re: Canelo-Lara As It Will Unfold

    I wanna see Canelo fight Cotto, Kirkland then GGG! He would be lucky to win two of those fights but imagine the fights they would be! If he wins again at the end of the year I can see Mayweather giving him a rematch also. (assuming he gets by Maidana)

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