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I agree, we are already seeing repercussions this year from there being too many PPV's.

Prices have gone up in recent years and now more fights are going the PPV route. My question is has demand increased that much. I don't think so and thus you are seeing PPV numbers coming in much lower than those in power had hoped.

The Canelo fight tonight I think will be a PPV disaster. It will be similar to the Hopkins-Dawson fight a few years ago. In the case of Hopkins-Dawson, we had a lot of PPV's in a short amount of time (Maywather-Ortiz in September, Hopkins-Dawson in October, Pacquiao-Marquez III in November and Cotto-Margarito II in December). These were scheduled in advance and fans looked at the schedule and decided they were going to be a little more choosy about what they bought. And what happened, even the diehards skipped Hopkins-Dawson and the fight barely did any buys.

Now look what we have had on the PPV schedule leading up to Canelo-Lara and also look to the future PPV schedule. Canelo-Angulo, Pacquiao-Bradley II, Mayweather-Maidana and Cotto-Martinez have already happened. All had PPV numbers lower (and in some cases much lower) than projected. Going forward, we have Mayweather-Maidana II in September, a Pacquaio fight in November and Cotto in Decemeber possibly against Bradley. Fans are going to be selective with how high the prices are and the amount of events either already taken place or scheduled down the line. I think the Canelo-Lara fight is one many fans will choose to bypass.

Think about this too...the average sports fan knows Mayweather, Pacquiao and Cotto. There is a good chance they don't know Canelo or know him as they guy who was not competitive against Mayweather. Do you really think they are considering buying him as a stand alone PPV?

Also, with all the Golden Boy turmoil the marketing of the fight was been severely lacking.

The signs are all there for a PPV disaster and maybe some lessons will be learned and changes made going forward.
Completely agree, hopefully they will learn from all of the low buys, the market is being saturated which is never good (over here we get to watch them all for a mere £10 a month, but it must suck over the pond where it's around $60 a PPV I hear).

I just had a thought, at the beginning of the year Canelo said he wanted to fight four times in 2014. Will more likely be three now but could still be four, if he does, will they try to market all four into PPV's? As you say there is almost one a month going forward, could spell disaster if they try.