Floyd has taken to Twitter, and made it official: for his next fight, taking place Sept. 13 at the MGM, his fighting home, he will again fight Marcos Maidana.
Maidana, a rugged Argentine, gave the 46-0 Floyd a run for his proverbial money when they clashed May 3, and he had Floyd on his heels. Some were asking if Floyd's legs had started to go a bit, if his reflexes had dimmed when the judges announced a decision, a majority nod for Mayweather.
Bum rushing the skilled pugilist, hitting him, high, low and even behind the head, the 35-4 Maidana gave Floyd the stiffest test of any man, since Jose Luis Castillo back in 2002. For that, he's been granted the license to try and do even better this time around.
"#Mayhem. Mayweather vs. Maidana 2 September 13, 2014 MGM Grand in Las Vegas. Live on Showtime PPV," the Tweet read.
Predictably, I think, fan reaction was mixed. Many fight fans would like to see Floyd take on, stop me if you've heard this before, Manny Pacquiao…or Shawn Porter…or Keith Thurman…or Peter Quillin. Many of those negative nellies think that Floyd was "letting" Maidana have some success early on in their tangle and that when he decided to use his legs and brain, he took rounds with relative ease. Maidana has no hope of winning, they say. Me, I think the kid should be rewarded for exceeding expectations…and I think the possibility exists that at 37, Floyd, who turns 38 in Feb., has started to slide. I saw him get caught with some punches that he didn't expect to, as if the reflexes that were present a couple years ago were no longer A plus grade.
Talk to me. You like? Dislike? Can Maidana get the W in a rematch..or will Floyd have a much easier time against the rumbler in this rematch?