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We're on the same page with Froch. Nobody is going to confuse him with being a bigger version of Duran. That said, he's a throwback to another time, aaaaaaand he's still getting better in spots.

What people don't understand is there are times (albeit not often) a fighter can have a great training camp*, wake-up the day of the fight feeling like 10,000,000 dollars and proceed to go out and be flat. Having less than a great performance can end one of three ways. You got to respect the ones that find ways to win when they're experiencing a less than career performance.

*Of course most fighters don't get a training camp, they get a 'gym' camp. But the idea is the same.
Good point. I was looking at fighters who have struggled the least say their last 3-5 fights.

Those are divisional fights, now compare those struggles to everyone on the top ten list.