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    Just Amazing!

    It is often said that "Boxing is the theatre of the unexpected." But boxing is also the theatre of where most of its popular maxims find their ways into popular culture.

    A few that comes to mind are:

    "Is it the Real McCoy?" "It doesn't take a rocket scientist." "I'll murda' da bum!" "It's a T-K-O!" "I did it for love." "Somebody up there loves me." "This is 'cause I love my momma!" "I love ya, Adrian!" "You did it, Rocky!" "...$hock da WIRLLLLDD [$¡¢]!" "Bum rush him!" "The Bum of the Month Club." "Down for da count!" "Out like a light." "Goodnight, Sweet Prince!" "He fudged him up!" "Throw in da towel." And the list goes on and on.

    Want you cats name some boxing maxims that are now in popular culture. Holla!
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