Gentlemen, start your engines of speculation. News is out that Bruce Binkow, recently having left his office at Golden Boy Promotions, on the heels of the departure of day-to-day boss Richard Schaefer, has been brought aboard Mayweather Promotions. In and of itself, that news is probably only interesting to hardcore fanatics who follow the goings-on within the second largest promotional outfit in the sphere...but it could give clues as to how other chips may fall in this period of transition at GBP, and the entities where some ex GBP people might land.
With Binkow at Mayweathers' company, does that mean that Schaefer will be hopping aboard with him shortly? With De La Hoya and Schaefer in the middle of an arbitration logjam, with Oscar having launched a broadside at ex pal Schaefer, to the tune of a $50 million requested for damages, no one seems to know Schaefers' status...will he stay in the boxing sphere? Would he be able to, under terms of his Golden Boy contract, be allowed to work for another company, now, or in the near future? Yes, there are more questions than clues...and we have more...can we assume that Mayweather Promotions, now apparaently getting beefed up, will promote Floyd's next fight, on Sept. 13? That seems a safe bet, does it not?
Here is the release which went out today on the Binkow news:

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Las Vegas (July 2) –Mayweather Promotionshas retained the services of marketing executiveBruce Binkowto consult on sponsorship, sales and marketing for the Las Vegas-based promotional company. Binkow has extensive experience in the sports marketing industry and is the former COO and CMO of Golden Boy Promotions.
Feel free to offer your guesses or informed speculation or insider tips on where some of the other chips fall, friends. I can tell you I spoke to a person at Barclays Center today, and it doesn't seem like there is anything to the rumor that any sort of plan is in motion to stage a Floyd fight in NY in September. Weigh in, in our Fabulous Forum...