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Thread: Canelo Angry At Lara Talk, Says This Fight Is Personal

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    Canelo Angry At Lara Talk, Says This Fight Is Personal

    Eagerly Awaited Showdown HighlightsFour-Fight PPV Telecast at9 p.m. ET/6 p.m. PT;
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    SAN DIEGO(July 2, 2014) – Five days before he heads to Las Vegas, popular Mexican superstar and former WBC and WBA Super Welterweight World ChampionCanelo Alvarezparticipated in a media workoutTuesdaybefore dozens of TV cameras, print and internet reporters, bloggers and boxing videographers at theHouse of Boxing Training Center.
    “I’ve had a great training camp here in San Diego and I’m ready to go,’’ said Canelo (43-1-1, 31 KOs)of Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico,who faces former Cuban national amateur standout and currentWBA Super Welterweight World ChampionErislandy “The American Dream” Lara(19-1-2, 12 KOs)in the 12-round main event of “HONOR & GLORY: Canelo vs.Lara,’’ a highly anticipated four-fight SHOWTIME PPV®telecastSaturday,July 12, from theMGM Grand Garden ArenainLas Vegas.
    “Every camp is different because we’re always training for a different opponent. And, as always, I’ve worked very hard in this one. But Lara has said so many things behind my back and on social media for such a long time now that, yes, this fight is and has become personal.
    “He’s a good fighter but he talks a lot. He’s offended me. I’m going to have an answer for everything he has said. I’m going to shut him up once and for all.’’
    Tuesday, Canelo spent more than two hours at the House of Boxing. He worked up a heavy sweat during a spirited, 75-minute-plus workout that consisted of jumping rope, shadow-boxing, smacking the heavy bag, hitting the double-ended bag and working the speed bag. Before and after, he did interviews, signed autographs, posed for photos and mingled with his many fans.
    Canelo Continued
    (On whether winning is enough)
    “I always want to win in spectacular fashion. That is my goal every time I step into the ring. I want to win spectacularly onJuly 12. But the most important thing is for me to win. I can’t promise a knockout but if it comes, it comes.’’

    (On why he’s not fighting for southpaw Lara’s 154-pound title)
    “Titles are always nice, but for me this fight is bigger than a title fight. This fight is for my honor and glory to bring to the Mexican people. It is a fight for honor and it is a fight that people wanted to see. My fans are the best and I want to thank them for all of their support.’’
    (On pressure)
    “There is no extra pressure on me for this fight. I’m as confident and relaxed as I always am. I’m prepared for whatever Lara has to offer. At this level you have to be able to adapt and make the necessary adjustments. I know I’m coming to fight and I know he’s coming to fight. After that, whatever happens, happens.’’
    (On Mexico’s performance in the World Cup)
    “Even though they didn’t win, I thought they did a good job.’’
    (On future opponents, weight classes, etc.)
    “My focus is solely on this fight. I can start thinking about future opponents afterJuly 12. But I have no intentions of moving up to middleweight. I feel really comfortable fighting at 154 pounds and probably will stay in this weight class my whole career.’’
    Tickets are still available at the $750, $500, $250, $150, $75 and $50 price ranges, not
    includingapplicable service charges. Tickets are limited to eighteen (18) per person with a
    limit of eight (8) at the$75 and $50 price ranges. To charge by phone with a major credit
    card, call Ticketmaster at (800) 745-3000.Tickets also are available for purchase
    Below is whatChepo and Eddie Reynoso, Canelo’s trainer and co-trainer, respectively,
    andOscar De La Hoya, president and founder of Golden Boy Promotions, saidTuesday:
    JOSE “CHEPO” REYNOSO, Canelo’s Trainer

    “Canelo has a much different mindset going into this fight, his attitude is much better. His pride was hurt because of all of the smack Lara has been talking. He is totally focused onJuly 12, and wants to punish Lara thoroughly. Canelo looks at Lara as an obnoxious little child that needs to be put into his place.
    “We train every day of the week exceptSunday. He sparsMonday,WednesdayandFriday. San Diego has been much more peaceful and tranquil compared to past training camp locations (Santa Monica, Big Bear). His gym is in the same place where he lives so everything is very convenient. The only time he leaves his house is in the morning when he goes on his run. Besides that he is very focused and able to train in the comforts of his own home.”
    EDDIE REYNOSO, Canelo’s Co-Trainer

    “After the last fight we only took 15 days off and then we went right back into training. We have had a great training camp that I believe will work in our favor.
    “The biggest difference from this training camp compared to others is that the fighter we are opposing has completely different styles. One is a righty and one is a lefty, so we must train for our opponent specifically. One is more courageous and goes to the front and the other retracts and pushes back.
    “Going into the Lara fight we have seen that Lara defends a lot and gives up his offensive moves. He is always on the defensive and we must attach him. Canelo has his combinations and strength that will work in his favor. Canelo just needs to win a decision; he doesn’t necessarily need a knockout to show the world what he is capable of. This is Canelo’s most important fight and all he is focusing on.”

    “It’s going to be a great fight, I don’t want to predict anything. Lara has been doing a lot of trash talking that has been fueling Canelo. I see him at an entirely different level and it’s exactly where he should be. He’s at a level of determination where he really wants to get this guy. It’s personal.
    “Canelo is a young fighter who is improving at a rapid pace as every fight goes on. The fact that Lara has made this fight personal, it gives you extra motivation that you need to train harder, run faster and do everything almost perfect so that you can go into the ring and destroy your opponent.
    “The fact this fight is personal, it is the first time that I have seen Canelo with that extra determination. He has looked perfect in training camp. He wants to destroy Lara. This is exactly where he needs to be. I can see it in his eyes, his focus says it all.
    “The presence of social media has taken this fight to an entirely new level. When you have a fighter like Canelo who a lot of people follow, then social media is a key component to make sure that this PPV fight will be a guaranteed success. There is much anticipation leading up to the fight, I expect the MGM Grand Garden Arena to be completely sold out.
    “Every fighter in the ring has a chance. With fighting, one punch can change the entire dynamic of a fight. I’m expecting a great fight from top to bottom, but obviously I’m with Canelo 100 percent.”

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    Re: Canelo Angry At Lara Talk, Says This Fight Is Personal

    This fight will show Canelo's true colors. I don't think he was ready for a fighter like trout because of the lack of competition prior to that bout. He is better than Trout but no where near Mayweather. The Angulo fight looked weird to me and I don't know what was up with angulo but those weren't even arm punches. He had no pepper on em but Canelo still went in there ready and crispy with his punches. Canelo has been a little more active and coming off a stoppage win. Great fight but Lara is going to have to KO Canelo to get the win which I dont see happening because I expect a competitive fight with Lara out-hustling Canelo but Canelo landing more power punches and flurries.

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    Re: Canelo Angry At Lara Talk, Says This Fight Is Personal

    I heard that Canelo is down in Diego looking like a psycho. He better chill and get himself some dill, because he is going to be climbing a tough hill.

    He and Lara both are going for the kill. On the fight night, fans will get their fill. Both camps are talking of "insane in membrane" noise until. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RijB8wnJCN0. Holla!

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    Re: Canelo Angry At Lara Talk, Says This Fight Is Personal

    Canelo is doing his best to try to sell this fight. I am sure these comments came with a little encouraging from Oscar. And I am sure there is going to be more coming from both fighters to try to draw attention to the bout in the coming days.

    Its an interesting fight on paper. But its going to be a tough PPV sell. Fans already have sent messages based on numbers (or rumored numbers) for other fights that there are too many PPV's in the sport and they are being more picky as to which bouts are purchased. I think this PPV is going to suffer more than others because of this as if you looked at the schedule in advance and said "which one out of all these would I not purchase", this would have been the one.

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    Re: Canelo Angry At Lara Talk, Says This Fight Is Personal

    Agreed ...why offer more PPV's during a recession???....they could at least tossed in a coupon for a free large pizza or a free twelve pack of Heineken... Some extra added incentive goes a long way.
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    Re: Canelo Angry At Lara Talk, Says This Fight Is Personal

    It would not be Heineken, Brownsugar. It would have to be Tecate ("Uno Cerveza Tecate"), the beer which pays so much in sponsorship dollars that part of the deal is for two of their Tecate Girls get to stand on both sides of the ring announcer and smile those pearly white smiles which show us how happy they are to be there. But it's not the smiles us guys are looking at anyway--it's the TECATE emblazoned across their chests.

    And now, back to the fight.

    I agree totally, oubobcat, with your assessment of what this fight means to the casual boxing fan. This isn't a match which transcends boxing. I always use the gym regulars as a barometer as to how many buys we are looking at. Prior to Floyd Mayweather v Marcos Maidana, those regulars were in my face, asking question after question about the matchup--everything from "Does this Maidana have any kind of chance?" to "Do you think it'll be an action fight?" to "Should I buy it, or do you think that'll be wasting my money?"

    This time around, very few of those regulars have come up to me, asking about Canelo-Lara. This morning, three regulars did make their way over to me to ask questions about a PPV boxing event. But it wasn't Alvarez-Lara? It was about $$May v Maidana.

    "I heard Mayweather finally picked his opponent," said one guy. "Are you surprised it was Maidana again?"

    "Was that a fluke last time?" another guy asked me. "Can Maidana do it again?"

    "Do you think Mayweather has Maidana all figured out now?" asked a third gym regular. "I didn't buy the last one and was kicking myself for not getting it. Do you think this one will be even better?"

    Nobody asked me about Alvarez v Lara. That's because Floyd Mayweather is not involved. Few regulars know Alvarez. Far less know Lara, the Cuban who calls himself "The American Dream."

    Alvarez-Lara truly belongs on "Free TV," whatever the heck that is. If that's ABC, CBS, NBC and FOX, they don't show boxing. FOXSports1 does, but they are as different from FOX as CBS is from ABC. Boxing can also be seen on NBCSports Network (NBCSN), but they are also a separate entity from their big daddy, NBC. Even though we may consider ESPN, HBO & Showtime as "free," we are really paying for them in our cable packages. But, let's consider HBO, Showtime and ESPN as "free" channels. That's where Alvarez-Lara belongs. It belongs to be televised on Showtime (not Showtime PPV), just the way Terence Crawford v Yuri Gamboa saw action on HBO (not HBO PPV).

    Of course Alvarez is saying the things we have been reading in the last day or two. After speaking with his friend and promoter, Oscar de la Hoya, Alvarez has taken to doing as much as he can to sell the fight in the promotion's final days. Our TSS microphones weren't there, but we can just imagine the impassioned plea Oscar gave to Canelo the last time they spoke.

    "The buy rate is lagging, Canelo," Oscar probably said. "I need your help. Stir something up. Say Lara has insulted you. Say it's now personal. I will talk to him, too. This fight is a good matchup for you, but the public isn't biting. You gotta' sell it. Come on. I'll help you."

    I've heard plenty of pre-fight talk before. This is just some more hyperbole and hot air being released.

    Face it. Us lifers want to see the fight. Us lifers are going to buy the fight. Us lifers are not going to abstain and be content with merely hearing the result the following morning or waiting a week or so to see the fight. If you want to "see" the fight without really seeing it, go onto Twitter. On there, you will be able to see a lot of your boxing friends and acquaintances (@fightclubrandy & @Woodsy1069) tweeting out the round-by-round account of the fight.

    Alvarez v Lara. The opening bell is no longer months or weeks away.

    The bell is just hours away.

    The talk stops. The punches start.

    -Randy G.

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    Re: Canelo Angry At Lara Talk, Says This Fight Is Personal

    A little fire never hurt anyone it is good to see Canelo having some emotion seeing as that he got humiliated by Floyd.

    I agree with everyone above, this fight will not sell well after numerous PPV's this summer,

    For the hardcore fan this is a great matchup. For the casual viewer it is probably forgotten already.

    Although as a hardcore fan I will not be buying it. B-sug is correct, we are still in a recession and gas is $3.85 a gallon, a ridiculous amount among other necessities so I will have to catch the rerun of this one.

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    Re: Canelo Angry At Lara Talk, Says This Fight Is Personal

    Showtime is desperate. The percentage of its PPVs are weak. They should be paying you guys to watch free. I always get chances to view all of the U.S. mainland PPVs FREE whenever I'm in the P-Islands and/or most other off U.S mainland places with the exception of Mexico. Its stations cannot pick up a JACK RABBIT'S ARSE.

    Wherever U.S. G.I. he-hos and dames -- I mean -- Joes and Janes -- are, you have the world famous American Forces Network showing U.S. PPVs FREE for the troops, and local off-base and off-post televisions pick up all AFN's feeds. Holla!
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    Re: Canelo Angry At Lara Talk, Says This Fight Is Personal

    Dang RG. How'd you know all that about the G.I's getting the freebies with all PPVs. I happen to be in the service stationed overseas for the past decade and its an amazing perk i guess. I cant imagine having to come back to America and having to pay those outrageous prices for some that I'd rather not pay to watch, but fortunately all is free for me at the moment...

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    Re: Canelo Angry At Lara Talk, Says This Fight Is Personal

    Quote Originally Posted by BFF View Post
    Dang RG. How'd you know all that about the G.I's getting the freebies with all PPVs. I happen to be in the service stationed overseas for the past decade and its an amazing perk i guess. I cant imagine having to come back to America and having to pay those outrageous prices for some that I'd rather not pay to watch, but fortunately all is free for me at the moment...
    I reside in the P-Islands and travel often to every other Asian Island and the United Arab Emirates, where my cousins and a sibling are the doctors and techites. They are also that on the AmerKano bases and Posts. Holla!

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