He was living in LA for awhile, but you could take the Mouthy One—and you know I say that with fondness in my heart—Paul Malignaggi, plunk him down in Podunk, make him live their a decade, and he’d still shoot from the lip, still say what is in his heart and at the top of hid mind, even if it is guaranteed to ruffle feathers galore.
He was at it on Monday night, was Malignaggi, on his favorite platform to spread his message, in 140 characters on less, Twitter.
“I don’t give respect to guys who hide and duck from random drug testing while accomplishing things that seem pretty amazing,” he Tweeted. “Paq should have been the first to volunteer for those random tests when he was destroying people while constantly jumping weight classes,” he continued. “Instead, he ducked and dodged them so no, until I see a destructive Paq performance for a fight in which he submitted to random testing I will not give that credit.”
Shots, as they say, fired.
The 33-year-old, coming off a loss to Shawn Porter in his last outing, on April 19, showed fighting instinct then, and to his legions of Twitter fans, and detractors, as well. “This sport needs to be taken in the right direction and a guy with (Pacquiao's) popularity should have been the first one to volunteer to set the example and volunteer for it. Instead he dodged it during a time when he shouldn’t. Which leads anyone to wonder if that was the whole reason for his skyrocketing 2 fame in the first place.”
Well, I’d call that a stiff, no, beyond stiff combo…with a left hook finisher to boot…
“So don’t ask me stupid questions or make stupid comment when I’m a fighter that can look in the mirror and know I did this (stuff) clean," Malignaggi Tweeted. "In an era when it’s become a problem because people wanna be fan boys instead of opening their (expletive) eyes to the problem.”
Someone’s mad as hell, and not inclined to take it anymore…Lot of that going around the sport these days, lol. Duva, Woods, Malignaggi, who’s the next loose cannon to saw off the barrel and fire?
He closed with,“Love all my fans but fans gotta open their eyes and be realistic too.”
Amen to that, I say. Maybe you don’t, maybe you’re one of these folks who just turns that blind eye, assumes that they’re all juicing, so who the heck cares. Well, I say, what about the guys who want to do it right, that were brought up the right way, to compete furiously but with maximum decency and honor, and without looking for that edge, the way so many athletes, and businessmen, do these days. The ones who don’t search out the exploitable loophole, the ones who aren’t Ayn Rand adherents, for whom greed is God and good, the ones who aren’t popping the pills and buying vials of stuff they tell themselves the other guy is on too, so I’m just evening the playing field, they deserve our applause and support. And they deserve anyone who gives a damn to keep on giving a damn, and not caving in, and stopping lobbying for strict and random and consistent testing.
Now, I don’t like to generate smoke and fan the flames of the rumor bonfires without proof that people were playing with matches, because I wouldn’t want that to be done to me were I innocent. It’s a dangerous game, making insinuations, because if one innocent gets incorrectly tarnished, that is one decent person irrevocably stained without cause. But this I will say…Paulie’s rant is a nice kickstart, maybe, to remind some of us that sometimes we get a bit blasé about the issue. That we need to keep on pushing the sanctioning bodies, and the commissions, and the promoters, and the athletes, to do the most right thing. That is pushing for strict and consistent testing, so we can get as close as possible to knowing for sure that indeed, the playing field is level, and all the athletes we so appreciate watching perform, are doing it cleanly, without ingesting powerful chemical aids which will inevitably play hell with their bodies in coming decades. And chemicals which aid them in meting out powerful punches, more powerful than would be possible without illegal chemical boosts, which result in more brain trauma on a fighter who isn’t being abetted by the same sort of stimulus. Or we can continue our present course, which is to pay occasional lip service to the issue, and throw the odd attaboy to the handful of athletes—and you know em when you look at them with their shirts off, because they have bodies that look NORMAL—who are demanding random and year-round testing.

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