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Thread: Numbers In For Algieri-Provodnikov

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    Numbers In For Algieri-Provodnikov


    Word on the street is HBO is pretty pleased with their Saturday remarkable main event, in which Chris Algieri scored a split decision upset victory over 140-pound title-holder Ruslan Provodnikov on Boxing After Dark.
    That scrap ranks as the third top performing bout on cable television in 2014.
    The HBO audience for the live, first-time airing of the bout from Barclays Center in Brooklyn was 1,046,000 viewers, according to a source with access to the Neilsen numbers. That ranks the fight right behind Chavez Jr. vs. Vera II and Marquez vs. Alvarado for the top performing cable TV fights of the year.
    The top seven fights on cable TV in 2014 have all been on HBO. The audience for Provodnikov vs. Algieri peaked at 1,110,000 viewers, for the record.
    HBO’s overall boxing event Saturdayaveraged 954,000 viewers. That number makes it HBO’s most watched Boxing After Dark event of the year., by the way. The opening bout of Demetrius Andrade vs. Brian Rose registered 882,000 viewers.
    Leading off the telecast was the replay of Sergio Martinez vs. Miguel Cotto. The HBO audience for Cotto’s world middleweight title triumph was 970,000 viewers. The audience peaked at 1,126,000 viewers for the fight.

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    Re: Numbers In For Algieri-Provodnikov

    So it trumped Cotto-Martinez?

    That's saying a lot about the pulling power of Provodnikov. There was a pretty decent undercard too, which I'm sure helped, but I have no doubt that the vast majority of those viewers tuned in to see Provodnikov.

    I hope that the rather boring nature of the fight, and Provodnikov's defeat, will not affect his popularity too much to the casual fan.

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    Re: Numbers In For Algieri-Provodnikov

    Nice figures. In fact, being that none of the participant's names were Mayweather or Pacquiao, those figures are actually quite nice.

    Betcha' those HBO PPV #'s are gonna' be fantastic when Pacquiao and Algieri square off in Macau, as it looks like they might, later in the Fall.

    -Randy G.

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