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Thread: My Hall of Fame experience.

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    Re: My Hall of Fame experience.

    Thanks for posting these Deep I really want to go and see the Hall of Fame myself, haven't gotten around to it yet but it's in my plans. So much to see there and your description really makes me eager to jump on the plane now. Great that you and the Commish met, everyone not there this weekend is definitely missing out!!

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    Re: My Hall of Fame experience.

    Great story Deep, I got to get to that HOF someday.

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    Re: My Hall of Fame experience.

    Guys, it was a pleasure meeting you. Wish there had been more time to spend together and talk boxing. But there will be future events/fights we will meet up at. There's also TSS, where we can chat every day.

    I got home late last night. All my eyes could see were the back of my eyelids. My wife tucked me in. I was in the gym early, now home and putting together this memorable weekend to share with all of you.

    It'll be up before I leave for SiriusXM, where me & Gerry are doing a special IBHOF show, packed with interviews frrom the amazing IBHOF weekend. Naturally, there will also be talk of the beatdown Miguel Cotto put on Sergio Martinez.

    Be back in a few hours.

    -Randy G.

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