Arrived yesterday afternoon. We stopped at Ommegang Brewery in Cooperstown NY on the way up. The GPS gave me the slowest possible route. My wife is fun to hang with so it wasn't bad.
Awoke at 0645 to get ready for the 5k run. Arrived on time ,got my race kit, got to the start of The race.
Holy S--t! What a crowd! My wife brought our bulldog , Mickey Walker, and the boxers loved him. Rosie Perez,John Ruiz,Glen Johnson,Mickey Ward ,Andre Ward and Calzhage's little dad all took pictures with him.
My wife and Rosie are Instagram friends now.
I started the race strong,too strong. I was huffing and puffing after the first turn. Canastota is such a beautiful small town, I tried to enjoy the scenery but it was hard. I was neck and neck with Ivan Calderone until he pulled out with some sort of injury. He was moving his arm so I have no idea why he stopped. The fans on the sideline were great providing times and cups of water.
I slowed down and paced myself and heard to guys talking right behind me. Sounded familiar.
It was John Ruiz and Mickey Ward. I'm staying right with them ! I ran from the 3 k mark until the Finish line with them. What an experience. What nice guys. Line of the race by Ruiz , " the 5 k race gets longer every year!"
On the final 400 yards Mickey Ward turns to Ruiz and says. , " Ready?" And they both take off to the finish line. I am one stride behind them and have photos of myself crossing the finish line with them.
The funny thing is our faces. They are happy and smiling. My eyes are closed and I'm am red faced.
What the hell. What a photo and what an experience!
After the race I meet Andre Ward, what a nice guy and a gentleman. He talks with us for about 5 minutes,which is a huge amount of time considering the location and fans. He is taller then I thought. I'm 6 ft 1 and we were eye to eye. He asked who named our dog , he was impressed. The pictures are great. My legs are killing me.
Time for some coffee,a hot shower and we will head back to the hall of fame for some ringside lectures and to enjoy the hall. I can't wait for the cocktail gala and banquet dinner. I will update later. I'm gonna find the Commish this afternoon.