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Thread: Why Richard and Oscar Will Likely Settle...

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    Re: Why Richard and Oscar Will Likely Settle...

    Quote Originally Posted by Skibbz View Post
    I think at the day people don't like to see someone with Oscar's history and connection to the sport be slated and hated by people behind a screen who Oscar has probably never met. Not saying anyone has but there is a feeling of animosity in something's I've read.

    At the end of the day everyone has a past, everyone has regrets. We aren't in a position to judge someone else's personal life and the decisions they make. We are only watching them on tv for Boxing whether they're in the ring putting their life on the line for out enjoyment or they're working hard every day to put on entertaining shows for us the fans. In times of need, if they should arise, people should offer a helping hand instead of trying to kick someone into the dirt.
    I don't hate him or have any animosity towards him. Quite the opposite. As I've put over and over, he strikes me as a nice guy and I root for him. I love his easy-going demeanor and I think it's admirable that he has stayed so humble in spite of all that he accomplished.

    I actually put that in there initially that I wasn't judging him at all and that it actually seemed a little too crazy to be true. I don't hate anyone but I especially not someone who I have no personal relationship with. Wasn't trying to pick on him either.

    Simply trying to show what might happen in the next few weeks or months to come since this can have monumental effects on the landscape of boxing.

    With a pending lawsuit -- word is lawyers are trying to negotiate promotional rights in exchange for voiding any non-compete (which according to California law is difficult to enforce, anyway) -- this looks like it will result in a suit.

    And stories like the ones in circulation, that I then chose to include, may be brought in to really make things messy. That's all that was.

    I don't really have any feelings towards Oscar De La Hoya either way; if I had to think, the most pervasive one would probably be empathy (not sympathy, though), and admiration:

    You can only respect top-level athletes that reach the pinnacle of their field because it takes a special person to reach that pinnacle so in many ways I'm a fan of his as a person. (As far as the public boxing persona, I'm rather indifferent.)

    And in all honesty, if someone makes bad choices and it's reported, that doesn't mean the New York Post dislikes him. It's like the old saying goes, "don't kill the messenger."

    Sorta like when everyone got upset with Tim Smith and Teddy Atlas for going with a story that emails about doping were exchanged between the Mayweather and Pacquiao camps back in late 2009/early 2010.

    They were not the ones saying it, they just reported what the source told them.

    Man! I really missed the mark with what I was trying to do here. Sorry for that, guys. I wasn't trying to discredit anyone. I really, truly just tried to post information that I thought people would be interested in.
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    Re: Why Richard and Oscar Will Likely Settle...

    Sometimes it is like honey. Sometimes it is like onions. But it is always about the milk and the money. BMO has so much of it that haters and posers are wanting to add him to a sideshow http://www.YouTube.com/watch?v=rDcEaBJXDHY.

    Interesting days are a coming. Holla!

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