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Thread: The Heart Of A Champion - Larry Holmes

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    The Heart Of A Champion - Larry Holmes

    If you've ever been in a fight, inside or outside the ring, then you will have found that the loser isn't necessarily the smaller, weaker, or slower guy. It is the first to give up who loses.

    In training, a fighter hammers their will to make it unbreakable. They push themselves to extremities that others may perish at and persevere through suffering that would buckle the step most. A fighter understands that through swallowing their pains they will become stronger, and by besting their fears they will keep themselves in the race to victory.

    I admire greatly all those who possess the heart of a champion, that unique will and belief in self that forces a fighter to fight through any adversity and never accept defeat. This special term has been cheapened by its over use by promotes, eager to appeal to fans, with many fighters being bestowed with the accolade who may not possess it it's true meaning.

    One fighter who proved himself worthy and exemplifies the heart of a champion like no other is Larry Holmes. Holmes throughout his stunning and standout career showed on numerous occasions that he would fight through whatever was in his way, he would rise from the canvas no matter what his body told him and always possessed a steely resolve never to be beaten.

    In one special round, Holmes inspired millions with his undeniable heart. In the ninth round of the defence of his WBC Heavyweight title against the young undefeated Philadelphian Tim Witherspoon, Larry Holmes defied the belief of all those watching and astonished the world with his unbreakable will.

    Holmes was under pressure from the Philly fighter from the start of the round, taking heavy shot after heavy shot to head and body but still he stood tall fighting back for his life. Nothing would put him down that night, every shot that pummeled his head would have made anyone else collapse, but Holmes stood defiant through the barrage of punches and fought back with the ferocity of a famished tiger.

    I hope you enjoying reliving one of the most defining moments in boxing history, where a champion, truly deserving of the name battled himself and his fears to defend his title and be victorious.

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