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Man deep, I was waiting to hear the updates of you whooping tail. Don't worry though man, this is where your success story begins, not ends.

High blood pressure runs in my family; Mom dukes, my uncle and my pops have it so I am a "blood pressureologist" so to speak. As for the blood pressure being raised, I would bet it is the creatine and here is why:

Creatine in fact does not "build" muscle in the truest since of the word. Creatine gives you size and increased muscle definition through water retention. Water retention causes your urine to be more concentrated. Concentrated urine is not absorbed through the kidneys nearly as fast and therefore more water ends up in your blood stream. More fluid in your blood stream is a quick culprit for raised blood pressure. As for remedies, I won't say cut out the creatine but go to maybe half the dosage. Secondly, sweat like your life depended on it up as long as it does not interfere with your weigh ins.

You may want to also consider a beef protein as a supplement rather than pure creatine. Beef proteins have a touch of creatine in them but offer the purest proteins for muscle building and retention. There is one called Carnivor that I like that has only 2% of the recommended daily sodium allowance, has no carbs, and no cholesterol.

I would also say holla at Radam. That dude has mentioned some home remedies that have worked for me before.
Thank you TGD. I'm glad to assist. And help save lives and remove unnecessary suffering one step at a time. Holla!