I just had my physical to renew my boxing passbook and the Dr failed me. High blood pressure is the culprit. I was 120/80 last year. I was over 150-95 today. I feel in peak form,so I am trying to figure out why it is so high. I used creatine monohydrate for the past 6 weeks or so ,so maybe that did something to my kidneys. I thought my diet was fine but maybe high sodium? Did I drop too much weight? I am going to stop with the creatine and the hard workouts for the rest of the week and just do cardio, watch my salt and try it again next week but the Dr says if its over 145/80 no way will I box and I have to have some stress test etc. If I miss this bout I will get another down the road but I have to get my blood pressure under control. I would never think it was so high. This is a downer today but I will make my adjustments and go from there. Anyone have high blood pressure?