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Froch is a terrible boxer, slow hands, slow feet, uncoordinated, average puncher, terrible defense.

Hell a shot and ruined Taylor boxed his ears off for 10 rounds.

What he does have is a great chin and grit. he never gives up, he has a lot of heart.

Just like I said for the Ward fight, a good fundamental boxer will box his ears off, just as Ward did just like

my exact prediction. Froch also has a poor boxing iq, he can not make adjustments, change spacing and or

rhythms, or use feints. He is a tough sob for sure, but against ''A'' competition he gets embarrassed.

IMHO he is strictly a tough B fighter and if he didnt have a granite beard he would have probably 10 losses at

at this point.

He eats punches like they are M&M's
Made me chuckle Aseng, the granite beard is in for a tough night come Sat you can be sure!

@Greyman you're right about his throwback toughness and I don't think that's in dispute. But that alone can't win you a boxing championship fight. Groves is coming with the sweet science behind him, Froch is just looking to let the fists fly and hope he cracks George on the jaw.. Hope you're not betting on Froch!