We are all awaiting the Sergio-Cotto fight and most everyone that posts on this site has weighed in on it. As I read articles about the fight, you hear alot about how Cotto enjoys camp with Freddie and that Freddie is teaching him tons of things that are going to help him win this fight. It appears that Freddie is bringing a new element to Cotto that we may not have seen before or at the very minimum revitalizing an old one.

With that in mind, it got me wondering, how much can a trainer really do for a fighter? Assuming that you have a willing student in the fighter and a competent trainer, my answer would be very complex which kindled my attraction to this question. I believe a trainer cannot make a bad fighter good but I do think he can ruin a good fighter. I also believe that a great trainer can make a good fighter great.

So TSS Universe, especially those of you that have laced up the gloves, what say you? To be a great fighter, do you need a great trainer?