Now that Floyd $$$May Mayweather has told us about his next fight date, but not who his opponent is (it keeps us guessing and talking about him), we wonder who that opponent will be.

So, after spending a day talking to industry sources, members of TMT and those close to $$$May's inner circle, we have come up with these 10 names, with #1 being the most likely man $$$May will face on his chosen September date:

10. Tim Bradley--"Desert Storm" is gonna' need to pull a nice win if he hopes to get $$$May
9. Kell Brook--Looks like KB & Shawn Porter will soon be tangling
8. Keith Thurman--Fun fight, but don't think he's sellable as a title challenger just yet.
7. Shawn Porter--Could be an interesting fight, but Showtime is still the new kid on the block
6. Manny Pacquiao...With Pac-Man re-signing with Top Rank, maybe we should have put him at #10...or not listed him at all!
5. Lucas Matthysse...Interesting, but that right hand is scary
4. Danny Garcia--$$$May loved how DG struggled in his last bout
3. Juan Manuel Marquez--Even though JMM has already lost to $$$May, he has looked so good in recent fights that...
2. Amir Khan--$$$May liked what he saw against Luis Colazzo. Plus, $$$May is NOT Colazzo! Also, Khan will be busy in September with Ramadan.
1.. Marcos Maidana--The rematch. $$$May feels he now knows MM & that a rematch will go a lot smoother for him.

-Randy G.